Sunday, December 9, 2018

Taka Update December 2018

  Taka Sushi Update December 10, 2018

I sent the last update in September. And this is the last update in 2018.

Fish Information

Tuna? I think we need to give up blue fin or big eye tuna for a while. I’ve seen for 6 months or so and almost no seeing those tuna. I had big eye tuna very occasionally and the quality was not my standard. I just carry yellow fin tuna now.

Uni price is really high, especially California, Japan and Peru. Maine’s uni is the best deal now. It is in season.

Live scallop and other shell fish? It comes weekly or 2 times a week. It comes Monday normally. This quality is good because it is winter.

Menu and Price

I drop the price of sushi and some rolls. I feel bad economy is coming soon and I prepare for it. Nigiri sushi price is really down and it is less than $10 even toro.

Hot items

Slow cooked short rib is popular. We are sushi restaurant but we do have it.

10 hrs cooked Saba misoni, slow cooked mackerel is also hot item. You can eat meat and bones.

Soup? The weather is getting cold. Many people order Miso soup, Wonton soup and Healthy body soup. These are good starter. And some people order them as togo.

Holiday Info

It is same as usual. We close Christmas Day and New Year Day. We open Christmas eve lunch and dinner and New Year Eve lunch and dinner.

Get Moving to Help Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

For many of us, working means sitting at a desk for long stretches. That makes it even more important to incorporate activity into your day. Here are some ideas:

  • Limit time spent watching TV and using other forms of screen-based entertainment.
  • Use a stationary bicycle or treadmill when you do watch TV.
  • Use stairs rather than an elevator.
  • If you can, walk or bike to your destination.
  • Exercise at lunch with your coworkers, family, or friends.
  • Take an exercise break at work to stretch or take a quick walk.
  • Walk to visit coworkers instead of sending an e-mail.
  • Go dancing with your spouse or friends.
  • Plan active vacations rather than driving-only trips.
  • Wear a pedometer every day and increase your number of daily steps.
  • Join a sports team.

I think this is not only for Breast cancer prevention. We can do for all cancer orevention.

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