Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Winter is oyster season!

This oyster is from Florida. The size is getting bigger than last year, It is because of temperature, Oyster meat grow when the sea temperature goes down.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sashimi, yes, sashimi!!

Sashimi, eating raw fish with soy sauce and wasabi, this simple action is really good.
Get live enzyme and feel good.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Best OX tail in town???


It might be the best in town.
OX tail is one of my favorite item. And I make soup or stew,
The weather is getting cold. This one for you! Taka

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Vegetable and Vegetable

Eat more vegetables! I make this kind of fresh and colorful vegetables daily,

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Taka Update Jan.25, 2017

Taka Update January 25, 2017
Fish and More
 Atlanta Falcons is doing very well this season and finally they can go to Houston. We will see it. Our business is same as Falcons. If the weather is nice and Falcons win, people mind is very positive and try to go out and spend money.
Tuna? I carry Indonesian blue fin. This is the best for me now. I almost give up big eye tuna and tasteless yellow fin. I do zuke, marinated with sake, soy sauce and dashi broth. And I can make tuna taste better.
  Monday is bad day? It is not bad. I get Kasago, Scorpion from New Zealand. I get Uni from Maine and live scallop from Boston.
 What is freshness of fish? It does not matter. I feel it is getting same as beef. Aging is important sometimes. I saw TV show in Japan. 18 days aging wild caught yellow tail or 14 days aging wild caught blue fin tuna are good examples. I used to buy big eye tuna and was good taste after 7 days.
This week fish supply is not bad.  I have all fishes so far.

Black garlic can save many people.
It is not black garlic, it is fermented garlic. And the color is like black and call it black garlic. From a nutritional point of view, Black Garlic has a much higher content of allicin, the active ingredient in White Garlic that imparts its benefits, but without the odour. Additionally, Black Garlic is rich in amino acids and has almost double the amount of antioxidants when compared to White Garlic. But that is not the whole story.
Black Garlic also contains an additional very specific compound called S-Allycysteine (SAC) in very high concentrations, compared to White Garlic which is water soluble and thus absorbed easily within the body. S-Allylcysteine has been shown to assist with the absorption of allicin. This makes Black Garlic much more effective than White Garlic for all the benefits mentioned above and additionally it is well tolerated by the digestive system so the chance of gastric distress is completely minimised.
I make this black garlic at home. I use rice cookers. I just leave is as warm temperature for 2 weeks and that’s it.
I save at least 4 people who are struggling with diabetes. And I am very happy with this result. Garlic is the top of food pyramid and black garlic is 10- 50 times more powerful than white garlic. Eat it daily even you are in healthy condition. And If you have troubles with health condition, please let me know. Black garlic might works.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Bento Box, this is the true Japanese food.

Our lunch bento box, we make daily specials.
This is well made, well balanced with meat, fish and some vegetables.
Each items are not big portion.
Try all of them.
You see many bento box when you go to Japan. You might buy it station and eat inside of trains.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Design, yes this is the art!

I really like this kind of simple design.
And green and red are beautiful.
Designed by TAKA

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Black Garlic, must have it.

This is not our dish in the restaurant. I make this for my friends, family and customers.
Black Garlic, it is fermented garlic. It takes 2 weeks to make. And it is easy to make.
The power of this black garlic is 10-50 times more than white garlic.
I just heard a good story yesterday. One of our customer's diabetes is improving.
This is 4th case for me.
If you have a problem and no improvement, please contact me. It might happen to you.
I eat this daily. TAKA

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trout from New Zealand is available.

The top is Trout, and the bottom is Scottish salmon.
The meat is more detail that I can say, Try it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It's salad, just salad but salad.


 We make 3 different salad.
One is organic garden salad, green leaf only. And another one is Power salad, the pic above.
Greens plus tomato, celery, sprouts, cucumber, broccoli, green bean and more.
I like eating salad. Taka

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Taka Update January 5, 2017

  Taka Update January 5, 2017
Fish and More
Happy New Year! How is fish? Tokyo fish market was closed until January 3rd. We can get farm raised fish only this week. And everything will go back next Tuesday.
Domestic fish supply is getting normal. I have uni and oyster, these are not from last year. And Live scallop and clam are coming this afternoon.
Tuna is Indonesian blue fin. Chinese New Year is coming soon and tuna supply is related with this. I think I only can get yellow fin or Hawaiian big eye. Those are not my quality. So I decided to carry frozen blue fin tuna, and this is my best choice.
I have fresh wild caught kasago, Red Rockfish from New Zealand do far.
Winter storm is coming tomorrow night and not sure the business Friday and Saturday. I bring blanket and some clothes tomorrow. I might sleep over.

2 Draft beers
We carry Sapporo beer instead of Kirin. And we carry 3 Taverns from Decatur GA.

Seating is very bad for your life
1 hour desk work make your life 22minutes short. Can you believe it? And seating long hours is worser than smoking.  You have to stand up and walk 5 minutes every hour if you have desk work. My desk work is 1-3 hours a day. I stand all day. I stretch sometimes.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fresh wild caught fish of this week, Kasago

Kasago, Red Rockfish is from New Zealand, Tokyo fish market is closed and cannot get fresh wild caught fish until next Tuesday,
This is yummy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ode, Japanese hot pot


This is our must eat item in Japan. IF you go to convenience  stores in Japan. You will see it everywhere. Dashi broth and short rob broth combo is my original recipe. I place potato, daikon radish, fish cakes, egg and more.