Thursday, November 10, 2016

Good tuna is available this weekend.

This is big eye tuna. Tuna is basically 3 kinds.
1) yellow fin  you eat this as steak, grilled tuna and sushi, sashimi
2) big eye  you eat this as sushi or sashimi
3) blue fin  you eas this as sushi or sashimi
Blue fin is top ranked but hard to get it. And the color changes quick and not easy to keep it.
Big eye is very popular but hart to get it. But it is easier than blue fin. The important thing is fat, How much fat is in it? That's the key point. See the pic, the pink part is fat, skin side. This is the best part,

And this is big eye toro nigiri, Fish fat is really good. Tuna has a lot of DHA.
This is between chu-toro and Ko-toro.
Chu means medium, Ko means small. This tuna's toro is not like chu-toro but has some fat, So I judge like this. I ate this last night and it was very delicious.
Oh-toro, big fat is too much for me. It is just fat and not tasty for me.

This tuna is available all this weekend.

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