Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Common Questions at TAKA right now.

1) When are you closing?
 It is March 5th Saturday Dinner.

2) Are you going back to Japan for a month?
 No, I have so many things to do before opening.

3) When are you opening a new place?
 It is between middle of April and end of the month.

4) How big is the new space?
 We have 45 seats now. And it will be 65 seats. And we have a patio and can say around 20 seats.

5) What should I do during you are closing?
 I am talking with a restaurant nearby current location. We borrow a small space to make sushi. It is limited menu but better than nothing. We let you know.

6) Are you excited?
 It is not like that. It is more nervous thing, and stress thing for me. It is same as pregnancy. A baby is growing and still inside of stomach. It doesn't come out yet. But it will come out soon.

7) Do you play golf every Sunday?
 I am not feeling well now. And I cannot focus to play golf much. My mind is with financial issue, due issue, hiring issue and more. I don't have headache now. I don't have stomachache now. And I am not losing my hair. Those are good signs, may be. I have stress everyday but it is not critical. I can get over.

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