Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Taka Update December 15, 2015

   Taka Update December 15, 2015
Fish delivery and more
Tuna is big eye so far. And blue fin toro is just a little bit.
We have uni from California and Maine again.
Live scallop is available.
Fresh Ikura is available. The season will be over soon.
Hawaiian fish is coming tomorrow.
Special fish of this week? Not sure so far.

Our business during Holiday
We will be closed on 25th and New Year Day, January 1st.  

New Year’s Eve
Yes we are open as usual. This is the last New Year’s Eve at current location. We will provide free sparkling wines for your dinner. Please join us. We don’t need to be crazy but must celebrate 2016 welcoming.

Our closing date will be February 27th or March 10th. It depends on construction delay. I signed the lease last week. I had a meeting with designer and contractor already. I gave my idea. The opening date is April 1st 2016. The construction will start middle of January and out team say it is a week early on schedule. This is wonderful.
New address is 4600 Roswell Rd. Suite E110, Sandy Springs GA 30342

Too Much TV Linked to Leading Causes of Death
A new study links watching too much TV with some of the leading causes of death in the United States.
Ninety-two percent of Americans have a TV in their home, according to background information in the study. And 80 percent of American adults watch an average of three-and-a-half hours of TV a day, which is more than half of their leisure time.
"We know that television viewing is the most prevalent leisure-time sedentary behavior and our working hypothesis is that it is an indicator of overall physical inactivity," explained study author Sarah Keadle, a cancer prevention fellow at the U.S. National Cancer Institute.
"In this context, our results fit within a growing body of research indicating that too much sitting can have many different adverse health effects," Keadle said.
In the study, the researchers followed more than 221,000 people, aged 50 to 71, who did not have any chronic diseases at the start of the nearly 15-year study. All were followed until death or until December 2011.
The more TV the older adults watched, the more likely they were to die from conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, flu/pneumonia, Parkinson's disease and liver disease, the investigators found.
Compared with those who watched less than one hour of TV per day, the risk of death during the study period was 15 percent higher among those who watched three to four hours of TV a day, and 47 percent higher for those who watched seven or more hours a day, the findings showed.

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