Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Taka Update November 10, 2015

   Taka Update November 10, 2015
Fish delivery and more
Tuna is great. Just received Big eye Tuna. I have enough amount for weekend.
We have uni from California and Maine.
Live scallop and surf clam are available.
Fresh Ikura is available. It has texture, you must try what is fresh.
Hawaiian fish is just arrived. We have Walu and Kanpachi.
Special fish of this week? Chikame-Kintoki and Knifejaw are available.

Our closing date will be February 27th or March 10th. It depends on construction delay. I signed the lease last week. I had a meeting with designer and contractor already. I gave my idea. The opening date is April 1st 2016.

Raw food or cooked food?
 Certainly, there are benefits to consuming plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. These foods supply us with high nutrient levels and are generally low in calories too. Eating lots of raw foods is a key feature of an anti-cancer diet style and a long life. Raw vegetables are dramatically low in calories and we probably only absorb about 50 calories a pound from raw vegetables.
And we have to eat live food. For instance, brown rice is better than white rice, same as wheat bread is better than white bread. Fish is also same. Raw fish is better than cooked fish. So, eating sashimi or sushi is very reasonable thing. Sashimi is just like fresh vegetable salad right?
Eating raw food is necessary for good health and is an important feature of a healthy diet. Baking, frying, barbecuing and other high heat cooking methods that brown and damage food form acrylamide, which is potentially carcinogenic. Browning and other high heat cooking methods should be avoided. Cooking techniques like steaming vegetables, stewing foods in a pressure cooker and soup making, do not have these drawbacks. They do not brown foods or form acrylamide.

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