Monday, September 21, 2015

Taka Update September 21, 2015

   Taka Update September 21, 2015
Fish delivery and more
New Tuna is coming but not expect much. I will wait good one coming soon.
We have uni coming today. It is from CA.
Live scallop is also coming today. I did not see it last 10 days.
Fresh Ikura is available. It has texture, you must try what is fresh.
I order Hawaiian fish today. It will come tomorrow.

The ecological collapse of California: State hits 500-year record for drought
After the announcement by California state officials that they had found no snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains for the first time in the 75 years since snowfall records began, a research team conducted a study aimed at finding out more about the region's long-term snowfall history.
By studying the thickness of rings in core samples taken from blue oak trees growing in the mountains, the researchers were able to accurately measure the winter rainfall records during past centuries.
Their findings came as a surprise. It was already known that the current drought cycle had broken records, but no one suspected that so much time had passed since the last dry period of this magnitude.
The four-year drought has forced the state to begin issuing mandatory water cuts in many areas. Some municipalities have been ordered to cut their water usage by as much as 35 percent as reservoirs and groundwater supplies are being drained without being replenished.
The annual snowpack melt supplies up to 30 percent of California's water supply. In the past few years, however, the amount of accumulated snow has been so diminished that reservoirs, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water fed by the runoff are nearing record low levels.

Nearly 50 million Americans now on food stamps
In 2008, fewer than 30 million Americans utilized the so-called "food stamp" program, which is administered by the Department of Agriculture. Today, that figure is roughly 46.5 million.
Even though the figure is down slightly from a high of 47.6 million in 2013, Feulner notes that the slight downtrend is not a good sign, according to the 2015 Index of Culture Opportunity.
 I guess some people get cash salaries and don’t pay any tax. And those people claim food stamp. I work hard daily and pay high tax to support them.  My tax rate is 35% so far.

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Pic of this week. Tuna and Toro Don

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Taka Update September 09, 2015

 Taka Update September 09, 2015
Fish delivery and more
New Tuna is coming today, big eye around 40 lbs, with low fat.
We have a few uni only. Peru is not coming this week. Japanese might come.
Live scallop is available, there is no problem so far.
Fresh Ikura is dold out. It will come tomorrow again.
I skipped Hawaiian fish this week. There is no Walu, King salmon.
Japanese fish is not available much now. It will come tomorrow.
Premium Mushroom, Matsutake Mushroom is coming today. It is in season.
I have Suzuki, Japanese sea bass. It is from Kyushu, south of Japan.

Closed Info.
Labor Day is over. We will be closed Thanks Giving Day. Novemver 26th.

Amazing health benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey
  Fewer natural substances get more positive press from newspapers, magazines and social media sites than apple cider vinegar and honey. Even taken alone, each brings some amazing health benefits to the body. Apple cider vinegar is great for digestive health, for instance, and can be used topically to treat a number of skin conditions as various as burns, dandruff or minor cuts and scrapes. Honey has been widely used since the time of the ancient Egyptians for its medicinal properties, and even today it is an important weapon in the modern fight against difficult-to-heal wounds like severe burns or diabetic ulcers. No natural health website is complete without information on these two amazing substances. However, when apple cider vinegar and honey are used in conjunction with one another, their healing powers are intensified and they can support the health of the body in some truly amazing ways.
  Not surprisingly, one thing which the combination of honey and apple cider vinegar seems to accomplish in spades is reducing inflammation throughout the body. This helps on two levels. First, it can make the management of chronic inflammation conditions like arthritis or ulcerative colitis easier to achieve. Second, preventing inflammation can help prevent the onset of other serious chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease.
  This honey-apple-cider-vinegar combination is a great way to improve digestion and works in several different ways to achieve this. It is great for treating and preventing problems like heartburn, acid reflux and over-acidity in the stomach. It can help treat sluggish bowels and prevent problems like chronic constipation from setting in. It can even support oral health and banish problems like bad breath! It is, in short, a great tonic for the whole digestive system.
  This dynamic duo is also able to improve the health of the heart. Regular consumption of a honey-apple-cider-vinegar mix has been shown to improve cholesterol levels (and more importantly, the ratio between good and bad cholesterol) and also to reduce high blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for heart disease. Indirectly, it also helps promote heart health through weight loss, since obesity is another common cause for cardiac problems.
I found raw honey at a store and bought. It was so good. The price is high but does not matter.

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Pic of this week
Sujiko, Fresh salmon roe. Make clean ann become Ikura,