Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Taka Update June 09, 2015

 Taka Update June 09, 2015

Fish delivery and more
Tuna is yellow fin but good quality.
Uni is available. It is from Japan.
Live scallop is available. There is no problem.
Japanese fish Omakase comes today.
Walu, Kanpachi, King salmon come today.

I use Japanese fresh wasabi for all sashimi and nigiri sushi. You are free upgraded. You feel it when you eat. After I came back from Hawaii, I decided this.
We started to use thin noodle for Tonkotsu ramen. So our ramen is same as Japanese style Tonkotsu ramen.

Sushisandpassion Instagram is available. Search at sushiandpassion. You can see many of Hawaii pictures. I ate a lot of ramen this time.

Does Mom's Cellphone Startle the Fetus?
The sounds emitted by cellphones carried by pregnant women may rattle the sleep-and-wake cycles of their fetuses, new research suggests. The finding is based on a small study that tracked fetal reactions to repetitive cellphone and beeper use among more than two dozen resident physicians while they were pregnant.

Three reasons you shouldn't buy almond milk
1)Store-bought almond milk has very little almonds in it
Recently, it was revealed that almond milk producers are really cutting corners when it comes to the percentage of almonds that make up a carton of almond milk. In fact, it turns out that half a gallon of almond milk contains less than a handful of almonds. One analysis of European almond milk brand Alpro revealed that almonds make up a measly 2% of the total drink.

2)It contains other not-so-natural ingredients
Not only does almond milk not contain many almonds, but it also contains other ingredients primarily used as thickening agents so it appears more creamy and not watered down.

3)It is not sprouted
Even if someone chooses the finest almond milk that money can buy in the store, it still shouldn't be mindlessly bought, as it won't be produced from sprouted almonds.
So, we have to buy raw almond at Costco and blend it. Or just eat it straight.

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