Monday, November 10, 2014

What tourists buy in Tokyo?

Tokyu- Hands is a famous store in Tokyo. They sells kids of DIY goods and more.

Items below are popular for tourists.

軽いから持ち運びラクラク! オフィスでも、お出かけでも大活躍!
stainless mug 200ml size by Zojirushi $40 up

knife, Japanese knife is very popular. $60 up

Suwada Nail Cutter  $65

Erasable Ball point pen by Pilot. $23

Higomori small knife  $17

Sabae Mimikaki, Ear pick  $39
Sabae city is famous for making eye wears.

Food Sample $10

Nogis, special measure $52

Hanko or Inkan, Seal
Japanese use hanko for official contracts.
It is same as sign.
Tourists make their name. It takes 30 minutes,
You cam make your name like Michael.

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