Monday, October 13, 2014

This is real Japanese Sushi, Sushi Zen, Sapporo

Entrance of Sushi Zen. This is Maruyama area in Sapporo city.

Fresh wasabi in ice bucket

There is no big sushi case like USA. This is some and other fish are in different places.



Sanma Sword fish

Hokki, Surf Clam

Ama-Ebi Sweet shrimp

Bai-Gai Clam

Hairy Crab with brain

Ikura, Samon roe fresh

Uni Sea Urchin


Toki Shirazu, cherry salmon

Saba, mackerel

That's all. 12 pieces. It was great. All sushi are brushed or used Bolivian salt. I did not use soy sauce.
This is the SUSHI. The bill? $110 per person for lunch.

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