Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Taka Update June 11, 2014

 Taka Update June 11, 2014

Fish delivery and more
☆ I have big eye tuna. This one is really good. Toro is also great chu-toro.
☆ Uni supply  is negative. It is quota. But we might get at the weekend.
☆ I have 3 salmons, Scottish salmon, Ocean trout and King Salmon (NZ).

Closed Info
☆ July 4th is Friday. We will be closed. But we will be opened next day.

Birth Defect Risk Affected By Father’s Diet, Study Suggests
What a father eats before conception may affect his baby’s risk of birth defects, suggests a new study on mice conducted by researchers from McGill University in Montreal.
The rate of birth defects was 28 per cent higher per litter of baby mice if their fathers were fed a diet deficient in vitamin B9 or folate compared to litters where both parents were fed a healthy diet, reported the study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications.
Folate, found in leafy green vegetables, cereals, fruit, beans and liver, is known to prevent miscarriages and birth defects in humans if taken by the mother. Because of that, folate supplements are often recommended for women of childbearing age, especially if they are trying to become pregnant, and a lot of processed food is now enriched with folate. In men, folate deficiency is already known to reduce fertility.
However, many human populations, such as those in Canada’s North, still don’t have enough folate in their diets, said Sarah Kimmins, associate professor of reproductive biology at McGill and the senior author of the new study.
Recent research also suggest that obesity, which affects about 25 per cent of the Canadian population, can impact the way the body handles folate, reducing its absorption into the bloodstream.
Kimmins, who holds a Canada Research Chair in epigenetics, reproduction and development, noted that mice are genetically very similar to humans. She added that the mechanism that appears to link a father’s diet and his offspring’s health works the same among mice and humans.

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