Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Taka Update April 16, 2014

 Taka Update April 16, 2014
Fish delivery and more
☆ Tuna is same like last week. Yellow fin tuna is available and can get big eye tuna sometimes but it is Ok tuna and no toro in it. Many people are expecting Negitoro-Don but I cannot make it. So, toro means Blue fin Oh-toro only. This is farmed in Australia and frozen. Some people like this one and I just sell it. To be honest, this oh-toro is not my standard. Other restaurants buy Fresh farmed blue fin tuna from Japan or buy farmed other places blue fin. I tasted those before but those were also not my standard. I really feel the X-Day is coming near future. X-Day? The end of wild tuna supply.  Many people say “Don’t say that.” But it will come and I feel it.  I ‘ve been selling tuna for 18 years and I can tell.
☆ Uni supply is getting better. I have some and still buy from Japan. So, I have uni almost every day but not much quantity.
  Ocean Trout (Rainbow Trout) is not available this week because of bad quality. It was not fresh and we returned.
☆ Japanese Fish Omakase is 4 kinds of items. I have Isaki ( Three line Grunt), Kurodai (Black Porgy), Teen Seabass and Hobo (Sea Robin). They are all white fish.
☆ I made a new ramen. This is dipping style and the sauce is sesame miso flavor.
☆ Masters was over. Sorry for Kuchar. Looking forward to see the victory next year.

Closed Info
☆ May 25th – 29th . This is my first vacation of the year. I will go to Hawaii for a short trip. It is only 3 nights but OK. It is still good escape for me.

Vitamin E: a skin-boosting antioxidant that plays many roles in the body

Like vitamins A and C, vitamin E is an important antioxidant whose primary role in the body is to scavenge free radicals. Free radicals (which are produced by air and water pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation and the consumption of processed foods) are rogue atoms or atomic groups that have lost at least one electron, forcing them to steal electrons from neighboring molecules in the hope of stabilizing themselves. Unsurprisingly, this causes havoc in the body. In fact, unchecked free radical activity is a leading cause of accelerated aging as well as degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease and cataracts. Since vitamin E can neutralize these free radicals, it can help prevent these serious diseases while ensuring that our skin remains smooth and radiant (this is why vitamin E is added to so many skin care products).

Vitamin E plays large number of roles in our cardiovascular systems. Firstly, it aids red blood cell formation, ensuring that our tissues receive enough oxygen (which, in turn, guards us from anemia). Secondly, it thins the blood by widening our blood vessels, preventing our platelets from clumping together and creating clots. Thirdly, it prevents "bad" LDL cholesterol from being oxidized, which prevents clogged arteries. For these reasons, high levels of vitamin E in the body have been linked to reductions in non-fatal heart attacks and strokes in subjects. Vitamin E is also shown to reduce complications relating to diabetes.

Like most other vitamins, especially the B vitamins, vitamin E helps maintain cell function. For example, vitamin E can aid cell differentiation -- a process of turning generic cells into the specific types of cells our bodies need, resulting in improved cell communication. Of course, proper cell communication is essential if we want our bodies to maintain proper immune function, heal damaged tissues and perform countless other tasks correctly. Additionally, vitamin E is associated with gene regulation, meaning it helps moderate the performance and production of certain enzymes, proteins and hormones in our bodies.
Vitamin E is contained in Tofu, Spinach, Almond, Sun flower seeds, Avocado, Shrimp, rainbow trout, Olive oil, Broccoli, Squash and others.  See this site in detail.

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