Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Taka Update february 05, 2014

 Taka Update February 05, 2014
Fish delivery and more
I think today’s tuna is the first good tuna in 2014. It is big eye tuna, stomach side. We will see it when the delivery comes. Uni is not available this week so far. It might come at the weekend. All other fishes are fine. Iidako, Baby Octopus will be gone next week. And I will get Hotaru- Ika, Firefly Squid is coming. Firefly squid is also called Toyama Squid. Toyama is the place that Firefly squid is caught.

Salt-Water Fish Extinction Seen By 2048
It might happen. It is very simple, over catching, pollution  and climate change.

February 19th, Our 12th Anniversary Night
Yes, this is our time,our show time and our tradition. Draft beer is 12 cents, Hot sake is 12 cents, Edamame is 12 cents and more. Please make your reservation on this day. Thank you for supporting our business. 2013 was great year for us. And our business is still growing.

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