Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Taka Update November 21, 2013

 Taka Update November 21, 2013

Fish delivery and more

Weather is getting cold this weekend. I have very good tuna this week. It is big eye tuna and 60 lbs for ¼ size. I never seen this kind of big one before. We cannot expect next week because of Thanksgiving Day. Uni supply is really good. Most of Japanese fish are coming tomorrow. I already cut Spanish mackerel. But fresh salmon roe is still coming.


Holiday Closing Information

We just close Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday lunch and Christmas. You can bring your families and friends Friday night or Saturday night.


Why high-heels are habit-forming

High-heel tottering fashion slaves often complain that stepping down to normal footwear is extremely uncomfortable following the elevating effects of a six-inch height boost. Now scientists know why.

In a paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology, Manchester Metropolitan University scientist Marco Narici explains how he used newspaper ads to recruit over 80 women with at least a 2 year, 5 cm high-heel history, 11 of whom reported discomfort when walking without their heels.

Ultrasound measurements of the calf muscle lengths amongst these women showed significant shortening - by 13% - of the muscle fibres compared with non-heel wearing controls.

At the same time, MRI scans showed that the Achilles tendons of the two groups were the same lengths, indicating that the tendons of the heel wearers had not lengthened to compensate for the shorter muscle length, although the heel wearers tendons were nonetheless thicker and stiffer than those of the controls.

Consequently, walking on flat-feet becomes uncomfortable for these people because the tendon cannot stretch sufficiently to compensate for the altered posture.


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