Friday, November 1, 2013

Something New at TAKA

Fish changes always like wine list? Maybe.

 Black Cod
We did not get fresh Black Cod and was only for grilled item.
But we have fresh one now and can eat sushi or sashimi.
West Coast people started to eat this and not bad at all.
 Black Cod Nigiri
The meat has nice fat and tender like Hamachi.
So, I can say this is very good for American people.

Sawara, Spanish Mackerel
We normally don't eat Sawara as raw. But if the season comes, the condition is different.
This Sawara comes from Yamagata, Japan Sea and it is in season.
It is available only October- November.
Sawara Nigiri
It is so good with fresh grated ginger and scallion.
Don't confuse it as mackerel. This fish is not like that.
Must try!

Sayori, Halfbeak
It is the first arrival. Sayori is clear meat and has nice texture.

Sayori Nigiri
It is not like any other fish. Sayori is satori.

November is perfect month for fish. They are very tasty and we can enjoy them.

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