Friday, October 11, 2013

Snow Pea Leaf

If you go to Chinese restaurants, you see this. I don't sell snow pea leaf at my place. But I order when I go to Chinese Restaurants. I love this vegetables.

Left is after cooked and Right is before cooked.

I buy this at Buford Hwy. Farmers Market. You cannot get it at Kroger, Publix.
You had better use Chinese pan because of portion.
You need : Snow Pea Leaf, A piece of Garlic(Sliced), Black Bean sauce, Oyster sauce or Soy sauce.
Pepper, salt if you want.

1) Place sesame oil and add garlic and Black bean sauce.
2) Add Snow pea leaf and water.
3) Snow pea leaf gets small because of water.
4) Add Oyster sauce or soy sauce and check the taste.
5) If you need more flavor, add pepper and salt.
That's all.

The price of one bag snow pea leaf is around $5. 

Please do not cook much. All vitamins are gone because of heat.

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