Friday, October 4, 2013

How to make delicios Daikon Pickles

You can make this at your home. It is easy and delicious.

You have to prepare these.
Daikon radish, I use Korean daikon, This is almost 1.5 lbs.
Carrot, peel it
Cucumber, European cucumber, just need 1/4.
Neri-Ume, Pickle plum paste, gives it nice flavor.
Yuzu juice, gives it nice flavor.
Kelp, same reason
And you can add shiso leaf if you can get it.
And sugar, 200cc, sea salt 50cc and rice vinegar 50cc.

You can use food processor for shredding daikon radish.
I use a knife for slicing cucumber and carrot.
You also need to make kelp small.

This bowl goes to Ziplock and add sugar, salt and vinegar.
Add 1 table spoon of yuzu juice and plum paste.
Mix well and leave it for 5 hours, You can eat.
And can last 1 week. Great pickles with no MSG, no preserve.

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