Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fish from Hawaii, just arrived.

I ordered yesterday and arrived this afternoon. Not bad at all.


 We had similar one from Japan before.

 The meat is tender and the taste is great.


Hawaiian Red Snapper, maybe.

It is OK fro nigiri sushi.

I tried grilled one. And this is better.


It is a family of Marlins.

 Nigiri sushi is fine, not bad.


This is called butter fish, escolar. 

I never had it in raw, Not bad. But I have to sell this in limited.
I talked with the company in Hawaii. He said it was different from Korean frozen escolar. Eating raw and not much are fine. It is because people in Hawaii eat it.

The meat looks like toro color but not much fat.

You can try these fish this weekend.

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