Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taka Update July 31, 2013

Taka Update July 31, 2013

Fish delivery and more

I have very good tuna. It came on Tuesday. It was stomach side and 37 lbs. I sold one of tuna collar and had one more. Uni supply is getting better. King Salmon is not available this week. And it will not come next week. NZ supplier needs to put more ice to keep less than 41F or put ice at LAX again. But they refuse it so far. All other fish are fine. Hamo, Pike eel is coming on Thursday, this is typical summer fish in Japan.


 Closed Information

We will be closed September 01-08. (Sunday-Sunday) I go to Big Island, Hawaii this time. I will visit sea farm where we buy Kona Kanpachi.


Eating Hot Foods On Melamine Dishes Increases Risk Of Kidney Stones

The finding came from a new study conducted by Taiwanese researchers and was published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.
The researchers discovered that the amount of melamine we are exposed to increases with hot temperatures, therefore, the chance of developing kidney stones rises.

The team, led by Chia-Fang Wu, M.S., Ph.D., of Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan, performed a crossover investigation of consumption of noodle soup in melamine bowls and total melamine excretion in urine.

According to background information in the report, a constant exposure to low doses of melamine may be linked to urolithiasis (urinary system stones) in kids and adults.

A previous report demonstrated that there was an increase in the number of children experiencing urinary stones due to melamine-tainted formula.

There were twelve healthy people, six were males and six were females, who took part in the research. The 12 participants were split up into 2 groups:

·         one group ate 500 ml of hot noodle soup in melamine bowls

·         the other group ate soup in ceramic bowls

Twelve hours after the subjects consumed the soup, they were asked to give samples of their urine.

After a "three-week washout", the group who ate from the ceramic bowls ate from the melamine bowls and the group who ate from the melamine bowls ate from the ceramic bowls.

The participants were asked to give urine samples a second time so that the researchers could compare.


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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sukoyaka 8 Grain Mix with Sprouted Brown Rice

You have to eat this kind of rice if you care about your health.

Consists of a nutritious variety of 8 grains including sprouted brown rice, which contains three times more GABA (an amino acid) than regular brown rice. Studies indicate GABA may help provide several health benefits like promoting calmness, lowering anxiety levels, thereby increasing the sleep cycle for a deeper rest and promoting better cardiovascular functionality and much more. Sukoyaka 8 Grain Mix is a great way to start a healthy.

Taka Update July 24, 2013

Taka Update July 24, 2013

Fish delivery and more

I have excellent tuna right now, this is the one of BEST in 2013. It is stomach side and 53 lbs..The weight is the heaviest in 2013 so far. Uni is not available and might come again on Friday but 1 pack only. King Salmon is not available this week because of high temperature. They said 50F when it arrived. It should be below 41F. Kinmedai is also not available this week. I cut yesterday and the meat was melted, I never see like it and told our supplier to return.

  Closed Information

We will be closed September 01-08. (Sunday-Sunday) I go to Big Island, Hawaii this time. That’s it. No more vacation this year.

 Negative Effects of Skipping Breakfast

Again? I wrote about this last week. But many people skip breakfast. They excuse “No time”, No they are just lazy and not organaized.

I ate fresh fruits this morning, kiwi, banana, figs, pineapple and dried plums. And I took multi vitamins, calcium and a cup of café latte. This is my typical breakfast.

Many people have a hard time functioning in the morning, so they wake up as late as they possibly can.  Unfortunately this rids them of the time they have to prepare a healthy breakfast that contains all of the nutrients needed to begin the day.  Think skipping breakfast every day will help you lose weight and stay healthy?  Think again.  Read on to learn about the negative effects of skipping breakfast:

Lack of Energy

This is one of the most negative effects of skipping breakfast. Glucose levels drop significantly while you’re sleeping. Eating breakfast helps restore glucose (fueling your cells) to your blood, providing energy to be productive throughout the day. By eating breakfast, you will feel energized and able to take on your responsibilities more efficiently; you will find that your ability to concentrate and focus is also improved.

2)    Weight Gain

Those who consistently skip breakfast may notice weight gain or failing weight loss efforts; this is a pretty negative effect of skipping breakfast! Eating breakfast helps reduce your appetite later in the day. This helps you avoid reaching for the wrong food or overeating later in the day. Also, waiting until the afternoon to eat will put your body into ‘starvation mode,’ causing it to store more fat.

3)    Destabilizes Your Mood

If you feel moody in the morning, it could be because you are skipping or aren’t eating a sufficient breakfast. Consuming breakfast regularly can stabilize mood swings, improve irritability, and even decrease depression. This is due to the fact that eating supplies your body with energy it needs to properly function. 

4)    Poor Nutrition

Skipping breakfast, or any meal for that matter, cuts out a significant opportunity for you to supply your body with essential nutrients. By eating a nutritious breakfast, you will increase intake of protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. It is known that those who eat breakfast are more likely to eat healthier throughout the day.

Hopefully after reading about the negative effects of skipping breakfast, you will be convinced to wake up a little earlier to prepare yourself a healthy meal to jump-start your metabolism. Eating breakfast will prove to be beneficial to your health—start tomorrow to feel the positive effects

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One of the best tuna in 2013, Very Good!!

It is stomach side and 54 lbs. I can assume the total weight is 250-270 lbs.?

 This is stomach side with Oh-toro.

 This is cutting edge, nice chu-toro is there.

 This is Oh-toro, thick and oily.

We dump so many parts of tuna, This is before cleaning.

 And this is after cleaning. All blood parts cannot use and dump.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Taka Update July 18, 2013

 Taka Update July 18, 2013

Fish delivery and more

I missed good tuna this week. I could get big eye tuna but did not order because I had enough tuna. Uni came but that was not great. I will get uni again tomorrow but very limited.

It is not easy to deal with wild caught items.

 Closed Information

We will be closed September 01-08. (Sunday-Sunday) I go to Big Island, Hawaii this time. That’s it. No more vacation this year.


Skipping breakfast hurts your child's IQ

Children who regularly skip breakfast have lower verbal, performance and full-scale IQs than other children, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

"Childhood is a critical period in which dietary and lifestyle patterns are initiated, and these habits can have important immediate and long-term implications," lead researcher Jianghong Liu said. "Breakfast habits appear to be no exception, and irregular breakfast eating has already been associated with a number of unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, frequent alcohol use, and infrequent exercise."

Although the nutritional, cognitive and performance benefits of breakfast have been well established, the study is actually one of the first to look at the connection between breakfast and IQ. The researchers analyzed data from 1,269 six-year-olds taking part in the ongoing China Jintan Child Cohort Study, which is designed to uncover the early risk factors for later childhood neurobehavioral health.

Breakfast is highly valued in China, so skipping it is less common than in the United States.

The researchers found that even after adjusting for seven sociodemographic risk factors for low IQ, children who regularly skipped breakfast had lower overall IQ scores (by 4.6 points) than children who always or nearly always ate breakfast. The performance IQ scores among children who skipped breakfast were 2.50 points lower, and their verbal IQ scores were 5.58 points lower.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fresh Bonito from Gulf

My worker's husband went to Gulf and caught.

He wanted to say something?
I found 2 small squids in head.
He ate good food.

I seared after cut.
And I slice and make Katsuo Tataki.

Katsuo, Bonito matches with green onion, ginger, shiso and spouts.
We eat it with ponzu sauce.

Taka Update July 10, 2013

 Taka Update July 10, 2013

Fish delivery and more

Good week for fish lovers. I have so many kinds of fish from Japan. Uni?  No idea for this weekend. It’s summer, uni needs vacation right?

Tuna is OK, I have Hawaiian big eye tuna and not fat. I also have Tenku-Maguro, farmed Blue fin tuna from Japan.


 Closed Information

We will be closed September 01-08. (Sunday-Sunday) I go to Big Island, Hawaii this time. That’s it. No more vacation this year.


Sake Tasting on July 18th

We will get a sake brewer from Japan and have Sake tasting. You can taste 3 premium sakes and 2 premium beers. I try to make Casual Japanese foods, Asparagus Mentaiko, Sunagimo Ponzu, Sansai Tofu, Geso Kara-age, Yakibuta and Tako-yaki. You have no idea those foods, you have to try them. You will know what Japanese eat.

If you are interested in, please send me a mail at sushiandpassion@gmail.com. Only 6seats are available so far.


Andy Murray’s Food Obsession

How do you become a Wimbledon tennis champion? It takes a lot of practice, talent, and skill, but it also takes a hefty and healthy diet. Andy Murray, Wimbledon's first British men's champion in 77 years, has divulged his food obsession and perhaps secret to his endurance: sushi.

 According to MSN Food, Murray reportedly consumes around 6,000 calories a day (the average male consumes about 2,500), and has been known to eat around 50 pieces of sushi in one sitting! Good thing intense tennis playing burns up to 700 calories an hour. The combination of protein and carbohydrates makes sushi perfect for athletic muscle recovery and blood sugar stability, and is apparently a common post-match food for many tennis players, including Serena Williams. When confessing his sushi adoration, Murray also noted that he eats sushi within one hour of training to maximize the food's benefits.

So the next time you're training for a big match or just want a good source of energy, consider Murray's meal plan and grab a sushi roll. Although perhaps try to keep it to less than 50 pieces


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Fish roes are colored. You might not know.

Some people think red, green and orange are real color.
That is wrong.
Most of fish roes are beige to light orange.
But you don't want to eat these kind of un-appetite colors.
So companies make nice colorful roes like pictures.
Salmon roe is not colored.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sake tasting July 18th Thursday

We have Sake Tasting on 18th Thursday.

I always make food with sake but this time is Japanese Street food.

1, Asparagus mentaiko
  Pan fried asparagus with spicy cod roes. There is no sauce, this roes are same as sauce.

2, Sunagimo Ponzu
 Fried Chicken gizzard with Ponzu sauce. Simple but delicious

3, Sansai Tofu
 Cold Tofu with Mountain vegetables

4, Geso Kara-Age
 Fried calamari legs  Crunchy and tasty

5, Yakibuta
Pan fried pork butts and braised 1 hours with sweet sauce. Yummy!

6, Takoyaki
Morimoto makes high end takoyaki with something, But the original takoyaki is octopus. It is pancake taste but ball shape.

Please join us if you are interested in.
Send me at sushiandpassion@gmail.com


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Taka Update July 03, 2013

 Taka Update July 03, 2013

Fish delivery and more
I do not think eating sushi or sashimi during July 4th Holiday is not good idea. Fish delivery is limited and I don’t open for business. BBQ is the best bet for this weekend.
I ordered Fish Omakase for next Tuesday delivery. We will see it. Everything is go back to normal after Monday.

Sushiandpassion Book is coming in 2-3 months.
My first book is coming in 2-3 months. I just signed the contract with a company in CA. It’s going to be Sushi Bible for sushi lovers. It features my honest opinions a lot. I can say 80% is done and need to edit nicely and some make up. I just sent a disk which has many pictures. But I have to take more pictures.

 Sake Tasting on July 18th
We will get a sake brewer from Japan and have Sake tasting. You can taste 3 premium sakes and 2 premium beers. I try to make Casual Japanese foods.
If you are interested in, please send me a mail at sushiandpassion@gmail.com.\

 The Foods that Play a Factor in Deep Sleep
If the quest for the perfect night’s sleep remains one of your goals, you might need to start at the grocery store.

A recently published study out of the University of Pennsylvania isolated a few key nutrients and total caloric intake as contributing factors for length and duration of sleep. They also looked at the role that overall diet, demographics, socioeconomics, physical activity, and obesity, to rule out other potential causes.

‘In general, we know that those who report between seven to eight hours of sleep each night are most likely to experience better overall health and well being, so we simply asked the question “Are there differences in the diet of those who report shorter sleep, longer sleep, or standard sleep patterns?” ‘ said Dr. Michael A. Grandner Instructor in Psychiatry and member of the Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology at Penn.

The results were interesting, and somewhat counter-intuitive.

The group who ate the most (i.e. highest caloric intake), slept the least.

Normal sleepers consumed the greatest variety of food.

Statistical analyses, showed that dietary differences were driven by just a few key nutrients.  Very short sleep (less than five hours) seemed to correspond to less of an intake in tap water, lycopene, and total carbohydrates.

Short sleep (five to six hours) was linked to less vitamin C, tap water, selenium (found in nuts, meat, and shellfish) and more lutein/zeaxanthin (found in green, leafy vegetables),

Long sleep was associated with less ingestion of theobromine (present in chocolate and tea), dodecanoic acid (a saturated fat), choline (in eggs and fatty meats), total carbohydrates, and more alcohol.

‘Overall, people who sleep seven to eight hours each night differ in terms of their diet, compared to people who sleep less or more.  We also found that short and long sleep are associated with lower food variety,’ said Grandner.


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