Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Taka Update June 18, 2013

 Taka Update June 18, 2013

Fish delivery and more

Tuna is very negative, so I decide to carry 10% farm Blue fin tuna. It is available now.

It is pricy toro but good quality. Uni is still fine but not come next 2 days. Akamutsu, Black throat is not available this week because of bad quality.


 Closed Information

We will be closed July 4th- July 7th (Thursday- Sunday).


Cooing Class

I am going to have a cooking class on 29th Saturday. This is vegetable special, not sushi at all. I show how to make simple and delicious vegetable cooking. You can go to Japan America Society of GA site and sign in.  http://www.jasgeorgia.org/


How to Make a Young Child Smarter

Can interventions meaningfully increase intelligence? If so, how? The Database of Raising Intelligence is a continuously updated compendium of randomized controlled trials that were designed to increase intelligence. In this article, the authors examine nearly every available intervention involving children from birth to kindergarten, using meta-analytic procedures when more than 3 studies tested similar methods and reviewing interventions when too few were available for meta-analysis. This yielded 4 meta-analyses on the effects of dietary supplementation to pregnant mothers and neonates, early educational interventions, interactive reading, and sending a child to preschool. All 4 meta-analyses yielded significant results: Supplementing infants with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, enrolling children in early educational interventions, reading to children in an interactive manner, and sending children to preschool all raise the intelligence of young children.

Pregnant mothers are encouraged to take many kinds of supplements but only LC-PUFA–found in foods rich in Omega-3s–raised young children’s IQs, either when pregnant mothers were given the supplement or it was added to infant formula. The fatty acids are thought to be essential building blocks for nerve cells in the prefrontal cortex–and the body can’t produce them on its own. One study showed that very young children who received the supplements for 8 weeks showed more activation in the prefrontal cortex than those who did not.\

Exposure to cognitively rich activities—books, puzzles, interesting verbal interactions—was found to raise young children’s IQs by more than seven points. These activities were particularly effective for children from economically disadvantaged homes who attended specially designed day care centers that offered these opportunities. Parents at home can also be trained to offer the same kinds of stimulating activities. Not all intellectual stimulation is the same, though: Music, computerized games of attention skills, and nonverbal reasoning tasks did not raise IQ. For decades, we’ve known that when adults talk with young children it stimulates cognitive development. These analyses showed that one unique style of conversation, in which the adult encourages a child to reminisce about or narrate her experiences, is especially effective. In one study of 20-month-olds, mothers were trained to draw out a child’s stories with open-ended questions, to listen well, and to encourage the child’s interests. The result? Compared to a control group, the children had a six point rise in IQ.

Again, we’ve known for some time that reading to children enhances their cognitive development. This analysis showed that it’s the interactive nature of the reading process that’s most helpful. When parents help children learn to read, when they ask open-ended questions, when they follow the child’s interests in the story, children benefit. It’s the active participation of both parties that fosters the deeper thinking skills.

 Sending children to preschool alone made a four-point IQ gain, but preschools with a focus on language skills created a seven-point gain, again especially for economically disadvantaged children. Language-rich programs expose children to new ideas, labels for concepts, and new problem-solving opportunities, all important early intellectual skills. Shorter programs were just as effective as longer programs.


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