Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tenku Maguro just arrived.

Some people remembered we had this tuna 4 weeks ago, maybe.
It's back because of bad tuna supply recently.

Stomach side

Stomach side cutting edge Great toro

Back side

Back side cutting edge

So, I can make Toro Zukushi, All about Toro or Bluefin Zukushi, All about Bluefin.

Many customers are happy with Frozen blue fin toro when we do not have fresh big eye toro.
So, this is fresh toro comes from Japan. What do you think?
We need to rely on High Tech tuna from Japan.
To be honest, tuna supply is getting worse year by year. What  I can do is buying this kind of great farm raised toro.
Some people say "No farm, No frozen, Fresh and Wild only". But it is very hard to do that.
And many sushi restaurants don't tell the truth for taking advantage.
I don't say but I am one of  very few honest sushi chefs in the US.
I say good is good, I say bad is bad, I show sometimes behind the scene.
Many people are getting know about fish and sushi, cannot hide anything and should not hide anything.

I think American greeting is bad. How are you? I am good, I am great. I never heard " I am bad."
It's American positive thinking maybe. But I cannot say when I am not good and saying good.

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