Monday, May 13, 2013

Taka will not make Nigiri Sushi anymore.

Is this a Breaking News?

I had health Inspection this morning. We violated some. And one of them was not wearing gloves.
I wrote this issue before. We cannot make good Nigiri Sushi with gloves.
And this is our 3rd violations and I need to go to court later, and need to pay $1000 of fine.
So, I decided not to make Nigiri Sushi.
Anyway We have to wear gloves when we make sushi. Roll Sushi is fine with gloves.
But Nigiri Sushi is not same.
I tried to make many time. I changed gloves many times.
But naked hands are best.
It is very simple reason. If I cannot make good Nigiri Sushi, I have to quit.
So I decided this. It is better than closing restaurant right?
Please understand.
And we can give you free sushi rice.  Eat sashimi and become healthy.

Thanks, TAKA

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