Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Taka Update May 08, 2013

 Taka Update May 08, 2013

Fish delivery and more

Tuna supply is still bad. So I decided to order Tenku-Maguro from Japan. And I received it yesterday. This Oh toro is amazing. I already posted pictures at blog or facebook. I do Fish Omakase every 2 weeks but fish is almost same. So I will skip 4 weeks. I let you know. I just wait new fish for summer season. Uni supply is great, I assume CA is sunny and no rain. Shrimp price is going up and continue go up in the future. There are 4 major places to farm shrimp, Thai, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. This time is in Thailand. Our supplier said 50% of Thai shrimp is dead. It is a sort of sick but they don’t know what is wrong.

Closed Information

We will be closed May 27th Monday, Memorial Day. We will be back on Tuesday. My plan? I stay in town and play golf, maybe. And I will close from July 4th- 7th. It is Thursday to Sunday. I want to be an ordinal person, just take day offs and stay at beach or somewhere.

New Website

We just started new website.  You can go to facebook, twitter and blog from this site. It is all in one, a kind of value package, family package.


Prolonged Sitting Increases Risk Of Diabetes

A study published very recently reports that those who sit for long periods may have higher risk of diabetes than individuals who move around more frequently. The study led by Dr. Emma Wilmot, a clinical research fellow in diabetes and endocrinology at Leicester General Hospital in the U.K , combined the results of 18 independent  studies in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe and Japan participating more than 794,000 adults.

The study parameters for  prolonged sitting were considered cautiously such that, watching TV less than one hour a day compared to more than seven hours a day, or watching TV and driving a car for less than 11 hours a week, versus more than 23 hours a week.

More importantly, adults who even met guidelines for physical activity compromised their health by prolonged sitting, say researchers who anticipated that diabetes risk doubles with sitting behavior.

The study  published in Diabetologia, the journal of the European Association of the Study of Diabetes was done in collaboration with colleagues from the newly established National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Leicester-Loughborough Diet, Lifestyle and Physical Activity Bio-medical Research Unit. The author of the study notes,

This is an important message because people with risk factors for diabetes, such as the obese, those of South Asian ethnic origin, or those with a family history of diabetes, may be able to help reduce their future risk of diabetes by limiting the time spent sitting.

Professor Stuart Biddle, of Loughborough University, and a co-investigator on the study, suggested some easy tips to cut down sitting time:

Such as breaking up long periods at the computer at work by placing our laptop on a filing cabinet, Perform standing meetings, walk during the lunch break, reduce TV viewing in the evenings and by seeking out less sedentary behaviors.

The researchers presumed on several potential cause for the association of diabetes with sitting behavior, such as differences in enzyme activity and insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle.

The findings of this study have far reaching implications. By simply limiting the time that we spend sitting, we may be able to reduce our risk of diabetes, heart disease and death.


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