Monday, May 13, 2013

I compromised with glove issue.

I was thinking all day. I went to suppliers and found good one for making sushi.

These are all gloves.
Left: Non Latex from Costco
Center: Latex from Restaurant Depot
Right: Special coating Plastic from JFC

I use latex or Non Latex when I make sashimi or cut fish.

I wear Special coating gloves when I make Nigiri Sushi.
Double gloves? Yes but this is only the way to satisfy Health Inspection.
I ordered all cooking staff to wear gloves when they make foods.
So, we will be fine.
But still I am not happy to wear gloves.
Making Sushi with hands are Japanese Food Culture, We have almost 100 years of history.
Sushi Chefs make sushi with naked hands in Japan.

Erika sent me this Black gloves information.  I ordered to try.
Black Nitrile Gloves

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