Friday, April 19, 2013

TKG, One of most delicous Japanese food, believe or not.

TKG, Tamago Kake Gohan.
What is this? It is steamed rice with super fresh egg and soy sauce.
If you have Japanese friends, ask them, they love TKG.

I am very lucky, I have super fresh egg from a farmer. This egg got laid yesterday. TKG egg needs to be super fresh, I think 4 days is limit.

After egg and soy sauce together, just lay on hot steamed rice. And eat.

I can say this is the most simple and delicious food in the world.
Did I get stomachache? No, not at all.
My stomach is very sensitive, I go to bathroom when I eat bad one in 3 minutes.
I will visit this farm in May.
Now you understand, Japanese eat fish in raw and egg in raw. Please do not attempt at your home. You might go to bathroom in 3 minutes.

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