Thursday, April 11, 2013

Taka Update April 11, 2013

 Taka Update April 11, 2013
Fish delivery and more
I have big eye tuna this weekend. It is big eye and chu-toro in it. It is not great but not bad and can sell low price.
Uni and other fish are fine. Sakura mas, Cherry Salmon also came today. But this might be the last supply of the season.

Masters Week

We closed on Monday dinner and I went to Augusta to see players. And I will come back on Sunday, the final round.
Why Masters? This is the BEST golf course in the world, the BEST golf game in the world.
Someone says Sunday tickets are going up to $10,000. I have 2 but use for private only.
I don’t drink much, I don’t buy girls, I don’t do gamble. Golf is my hobby except sushi.
Japanese say 3 biggest men’s hobbies are “ Nomu, Utsu, Kau” mean drink, gamble and girls. I am OK for those things, I just like golf. Golf is life, Life is Golf. I see so many people like me. You might say crazy, yes we are crazy people.


New Patio is just opened.

We renovated Patio area, spent $12,000. It looks great. We invest money every year to do something, anyway. Never finished, never stopped.


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