Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's beauty, Kasugo Tai, Sea Bream baby.

写真: Kasuga Dai, baby Sea Bream
It is available only in spring.
This is called Kasugo Tai. Kasugo is spring sunshine, and Tai is Sea Bream.
The whole size is around 5 inches. And the color of body is light pink juts like cherry flower. Kasugo Tai is spring fish.
It is too small to make sashimi, it is too small to braise, it is too small to grill. The treatment is same like Kohada, Gizzard Shad.
Cut, apply salt and wash and apply vinegar. I need to be careful to cut this fish. It's baby and meat is super tender. I sold 3 yesterday and 3 left for next day.

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