Monday, February 4, 2013

Fish Omakase is coming on Tuesday.

This is 2nd time at my place.
Fish Omakase is a funny idea. I don't order but they send me. Do you understan? Anyway, I have to pay for it whatever comes.

I received the list of fish on Sunday.

Medai, Blue Nose
Winter is season to eat. This is good for grill.

 Chikame Kintoki, Alfonsino
This is good for Nigiri Sushi.

Mejina, Opal Eye
I remember this fish. I bought this before.
I burn it with skin and eat with Korean miso soy sauce.

Renko-Dai, Red Seabream
They say tasteness is under skin. I have to boil moment and make cold in ice water.
I make sashimi with skin.

Aka-Isaki, Perch
Same as Renko-Dai, tasteness is under skin.
I make sashimi with skin.

Ho Bo, Sea Robin
I had this before. I make Nigiri Sushi.

So, I can get 6 different fish from Kyushu area in Japan.

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