Monday, January 14, 2013

Something new in my life, food

I bought this Dried Young Coconut at Costco. I never seen it. So I thought this is new.

Philippine Dried Young Coconut 18 oz
The price was $8.99 but I checked at Amazon com, their price was $15.80.
Thank you very much Costco.

I also like this chocolate. 85% cacao makes me good. I bought this at Marshalls and the price was $2.99. I check the other places. CVS sells $3.99.
Thank you very much Marshalls.
Godiva Chocolatier 85% Cacao Extra Dark Santo Domingo Chocolate

I bought Polo Golf vest at Marshalls. The original price was $89 but I paid $20 at final sales.
I am not a bargain hunter but like to buy low prices.

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