Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This is tuna of this week.

I am not much happy with this tuna.
I was expecting but it was OK tuna, same as last week.
It sounds like shortage of tuna around world now. Over catching, over eating and season issue? I am not sure but I feel X day is coming very soon.
What is X day? " I am very sorry but we don't have tuna today."
I am really thinking a new business to make money. Sushi business? There is no future. Pollution of ocean, sea temperature is getting high and over catching ruin sushi business.
I might be wrong but it's coming.
Maybe we can eat farm raised fish near future. I think 30% of our fish are farm raised. And this number is going up, never going down.
I don't want to have a deal with farm raised fish.
Wild caught is better than farm raised. 

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