Thursday, September 27, 2012

JJ / Japanese own Japanese restaurants.

 I was watching Youtube and thought. This bideo was in Japanese but the title was "protect Japanese sushi culture."
You have to eat good sushi, real sushi. So I write this.
I let you know Japanese own Japanese restaurants list.

Waraku  I-85 North Suwanee
Bule fin Sushi  I-85 North Duluth
Tokyo Shokudo  I-85 North Duluth
Tanaka Restaurant GA400 Roswell
Circle Sushi GA 400 Northridge
Bishoku I-285 Sandy Springs
Ege I-75 North E Cobb
Yakitori Jinbei  I-75 North Windy Hill
Umezono I-75 North Windy Hill
Sushi no Bo  I-285 Cobb
Taka  Buckhead
Tomo Buckhead
Rusan's Buckhead
Shoya Doraville
Rusan's Midtown
Sushi Hayakawa
Nakato Restaurant
Sushi Yoko

I think we have more than 150 sushi places in metro Atlanta but only 18 places are owned by Japanese.

I don't say all are good. I just list Japanese owners.


Foodie Buddha said...

Great to see this list! I believe you can also include Sushi House Hayakawa on Buford Highway!

Unknown said...

I am nearly positive that Sushi Huku is Japanese owned. If it's not, their clientele, who is 75% Japanese, will be very disappointed.

lee.dorsey said...

Authentic Japanese cuisine
in not represented well on this list. Ru Sans? really. Taka himself deviates from traditional sushi. Serving such things as Italian rolls.

Foodie Buddha are you still around? I thought our city's hatred toward you and your sloppy opinion silenced your gross persona.

TAKA said...

I added Hayakawa. I just forgot.

Brookhaven said...

Is Nakato not Japanese owned? What about Niko Niko, Yoko, and Sushi Mania (which I heard just closed)?

TAKA said...

I forgot more.
Add nakato and Sushi Yoko.