Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Taka Update April 18, 2012

Taka Update April 18, 2012

Fish delivery and more

Tuna is same as usual. We just carry yellow fin tuna. We had big eye tuna last week. And it was great on the order paper, and then I complained when I got it. Uni is very good, steady condition.I ordered some new fish from Japan. They are coming this Thursday. Horaru Ika, Fire fly Squid is also coming back. But it is fresh arrived this time. I am so excited.
We don’t have much Japanese fish on Tuesday delivery. I talked with the supplier and decide to carry Suzuki, Sea Bass. It will come next Tuesday.

Weight Control and Golf

I played with 70 people on Sunday and won. It was the first time in 2 years of Japanese tour. I shot 84 and the score was the best gross. Yes, I made it.

But the weight situation could not make it. My weight was 170.04 this morning. I need to stop to eat rice and bread. Also I need to cut beer before I go bed. I also need to cut ice cream. Costco just started to sell very good one with a lot of caramel sauce. This ice cream must be a killer and poison. I got this easy trap and cannot get out. I am a poor man. We will see it next week. Summer is coming soon and why I have to gain.

Freezer is the best place to hide money???

Despite the availability of ATMs and EPS cards that has minimized the need for wallets and actual bills, a lot of people still prefer to stash their cash inside the house, with a shoe box or cookie jar among the favorite hiding places. Some mothers for instance prefer to hide their emergency funds under the mattress. But a freezer?

Apparently, more than 25 percent of Americans who keep their money at home (instead of putting them in banks) literally freeze their savings. This was confirmed by a survey conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion or MIPO that said 27 percent of Americans across all age groups and from both sexes said their top hiding place is the freezer. The New York-based MIPO, which conducts polls on politics, the economy, sports and other areas, also disclosed that 10 percent of Americans bury their bucks in the cookie jar, 19 percent stuff money inside their socks while nine percent leave their money elsewhere in the house. However, 17 percent complained that they do not have any good place at home to safely hide their money. Perhaps these Americans will now start wrapping their dollars inside zip locks and freeze their wealth just like the other 27 percent.

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