Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make cool or make warm?

 I had a lower back pain. It came from crazy over work and Masters tour.
I almost felt bad on Tuesday morning. I was working at lunch business and a chiropractor came to eat sushi. I went to his place several times. And I ask him for a sudden appointment.

He said 1:30 is available and I went to his clinic after his lunch. He did several treatments and said keep cool lower back with ice 10 minutes 2 times a day. He said warm things are not great.
And I did. I felt better next day. And I decided to go to a massage place.
Actually I bathed  hot tub on Wednesday night. It felt good at that time.

This is a Chinese woman. She is from Beijing and cannot speak English. I went to her place many times.

I had an appointement on Thursday 2:30pm. I went to there. I explained my situation. She gave me a cup of ginger tea.
Ginger ? Yes, ginger makes the body warm. She insisted to make body warm.
She did foot masssage and body massage, And she gave me another cup of ginger tea.

The American chiropractor said make body cool, and the Chinese massager said make body warm.
Which one is right?

When we take a picture, we show teeth this country but don't show teeth in Japan same as Russia.
I think showing teeth is looking good, this is my personal opinion.

I am going to bed with  long sleeve shirts and winter sports pants,means very warm.

Anyway, I will play golf on Sunday.  Am I crazy ? I just need to do it for my life.

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