Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Best Tuna in April 2012

I bought 1/4 stomach side. It came with Oh-toro. But it was 45 lbs.

You can see nice Toro at the bottom of the fish.

I cut and ate Totro. It was delicious.

This is the bonus. I got 2 of Tuna-Kama, Collar.
I will grill these with just pepper and salt.
I already  sold one.

This is my special lunch today. It is Negitoro Don, spooned toro from back side of skin and scallion over sushi rice. It's best.

This tuna is available until next Tuesday. The condition is very good and can sell 7 days.


Chris said...

Beautiful tuna Taka-san! I am a sushi chef from Charleston,sc. You seem to always have good fish (especally shiromi) I would love eating at your restaurant. Maybe I will make a trip to atlanta soon! I am very curious who you are getting these beautiful Japanese fish from. Other chef I work with goes home to Nagano this time every year and I always hear about how good Hotaru Ika is, but we can not buy in charleston. :(

TAKA said...

You can buy it from True Wolrd Foods if you want.

Chris said...

Thank you taka-san!