Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do you know this? Nike Flyknit shoes
It is new technology shoes. Light and feel like socks.  Sale on July 2012.

I can make this, Uni/Toro

What is the best item at sushi place?
I think uni and toro, and which one is the best?
It is hard choices.
So, I go with both same time.

Sliced toro and uni, chopped wasabi.

I can make this for you but very limited.
I only make this kind of dish when I have good uni and good toro.
It means this week only.

My dinner tonight

I had good tuna and wanted to eat something.
So, I decided to make this.

Ohtoro and toro striped don with chopped wasabi and uni topping.

This is OMG. Don't order this.
This is may private dinner.
Even if you order this , I don't make it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BEST TUNA in 1st Quarter of 2012

Look ath these pictures. Any question?
I do not write much this time.
See it, taste it and feel it.

Taka Update march 28, 2012

Taka Update March 28, 2012

 Fish delivery and more

We get good tuna today. This is big eye tuna. 1/ 4 size almost 40lbs means full size of tuna is around 200lbs with head.

Our supplier say good toro is in it. You have to see it and eat it. I will post pictures later when I get it.

Uni? It is available so far but not sure for weekend.

Season is changing for fish industry. Ainame (Fat Greenling), Mana Gatsuo (Butter fish) and Tachi Uo (Belt fish) are good to eat right now.

We have to eat seasons. If you eat tuna, salmon, Hamachi or unagi things, this is the great chance to change your habit. Each fish taste is different.

Thank you for supporting out business. March is almost ending. Our business is almost 20% higher than last year. Patio is open for dining and less pollen make me happy.

 Weight Control and Golf

Don’t worry about me! I shot 44-39-83 last Sunday. Arnold Schwarzenegger said “I will beck.” on the movie. And I could say that.

I will go back to the course on Sunday again.

I am not working on Monday, April 2nd. I go to Augusta all day to see some players. Sorry for this convenience but I have to go. Masters is once a year. And I will go back there on Sunday.

Weight control? I am lazy right now. It is around 167 lbs. I know I need to lose 7 lbs.

One day and some day, I will do that.

 WMO annual statement confirms 2011 as 11th warmest on record

The World Meteorological Organization’s Annual Statement on the Status of the Global Climate said that 2011 was the 11th warmest since records began in 1850. It confirmed preliminary findings that 2011 was the warmest year on record with a La Niña, which has a cooling influence. Globally-averaged temperatures in 2011 were estimated to be 0.40°C above the 1961-1990 annual average of 14°C.

Precipitation extremes, many of them associated with one of the strongest La Niña events of the last 60 years, had major impacts on the world. Significant flooding occurred on all continents, whilst major droughts affected parts of east Africa and North America. Arctic sea ice extent fell to near record-low levels. Global tropical cyclone activity was below average, but the United States had one of its most destructive tornado seasons on record.

The annual statement for 2011 was released for World Meteorological Day 23 March. In addition, WMO also announced preliminary findings of the soon to be released Decadal Global Climate Summary, showing that climate change accelerated in 2001-2010, which was the warmest decade ever recorded in all continents of the globe.

Global water conflict risks mounting

Fresh water supplies are unlikely to keep up with global demand by 2040, increasing political instability, hobbling economic growth and endangering world food markets, according to a US intelligence assessment released on Thursday, reports Reuters.
The report by the office of the Director of National Intelligence said that areas including South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa will face major challenges in coping with water problems that could hinder the ability to produce food and generate energy.
The report said that a "water war" was unlikely in the next 10 years, but that the risk of conflict would grow with global water demand likely to outstrip current sustainable supplies by 40 percent by 2030.
"Beyond 10 years we did see the risk increasing," a senior US intelligence official told reporters. "It depends upon what individual states do and what actions are taken right now to work water management issues between states." The official declined to discuss the risks for specific countries, but in the past water disputes have contributed to tensions between rivals including nuclear-armed India and Pakistan, Israel and the Palestinians, and Syria and Iraq.
The report, drafted principally by the Defense Intelligence Agency and based on a classified national intelligence estimate, said that water in shared basins would increasingly be used by states to pressure their neighbours.
"The use of water as a weapon or to further terrorist objectives also will become more likely," it said, noting that vulnerable water infrastructure was a tempting target. The US State Department requested the report, which is part of an effort by the Obama administration to assess how long-term issues such as climate change may affect US national security.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is due to hold an event on Thursday to announce a new public-private initiative to grapple with water issues.
The report said that during the next 10 years, the over-pumping of ground water supplies in some agricultural areas will pose a risk to food markets and cause social disruption if mitigating steps such as drip irrigation and improved agricultural technology are not implemented.
It also said that through 2040 water shortages and pollution would likely harm the economic performance of important US trading partners by limiting the use and development of hydro power, an important source of electricity for developing countries.
The report rated the management of several key water basins, and said the risks were greatest for the Brahmaputra which flows through India and Bangladesh and the Amu Darya in central Asia.
It said the chief drivers of increased water demand over the next 10 years would be population growth and economic development, although the impacts of climate change will play a growing role, particularly after 2040.
While the intelligence community believes there is no technological "silver bullet" on the horizon to improve water management, the report said the most important step to address the problem would be more efficient use for agriculture, which accounts for 70 percent of global fresh water use.
It also said the United States, which has expertise in water management in both the public and private sectors, could help lead in developing policies for improved global water use and international cooperation.

"The United States has opportunities for leadership, but we also saw it being a risk that if the United States wasn't engaged in exercising that leadership, other states would step up to do that," the intelligence official said.

 Taka sushiandpassion

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I am a human being, I declare!

 It was very busy Saturday business.
I had a bunch of sashimi, nigiri sushi, omakase and specials.
I really realized I could not make all of them.
I am a key person at sushi bar.
I make all sashimi, specials, nigiri sushi and omakase.
I sometimes ask my guys to make nigiri sushi when I get busy
This Saturday was really crazy, all these orders came almost one time.
Some customers waited a long time. Some people canceled their orders.
I did not mind about cancellation. Waiting was waste of time.
I am a human being.
I cannot make sushi or sashimi 20% fast, I am not a machine.
Soto used to say, " Sushi is not McDonald's."
I really agree sometimes. Sushi is a kind of fast food but a hand made.

So, why I could not make orders sometimes?
It is just like traffic jam on highway.
You see sometimes slow movement on highway.
It is natural traffic jam, not accident.
If you pass a certain point, you can drive faster.
7:30-9:00 is our traffic jam time. And it happens really hard occasionally.

I had several cancellation on Saturday night business ans I felt sorry.
But I am a human being and have 2 hands only.
I wish I could. This is my always thought.
It just happened so many sashimi, nigiri, omakase orders coming same time.
Some orders need be  victims. So sorry for that.
I try to make everything but it takes time because orders are far beyond my productivity amount.

I was standing at sushi bar for 3 hours straight without going to bathroom, no drinks.
I just make foods and feel pain in my head sometimes.
This is not a good sign. So, I do not mind some customers cannot wait orders and cancel.
You might think I am joking, I mean this.

I have to make happy our customers but I do not want to die at sushi bar.
I need to breathe and need to b relax.
I am a human being.

Thank you for understanding.  TAKA

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Something New : Hoya, Sea squirt

This might be muy mistake.
I tasted it, I did not like it.
It came from Hokkaido, Japan.
Hoya is not fish. It is called sea pineapple.

It is salty and I will not see this again.

I have no idea why people eat this.

Hoya is eaten in Japan, Korea, France and Chile.

Crazy people eat this?

I expected better taste but was not like that.

You can google, sea squirt and can see real shape. I think this is watching creature not eating creature.

New Arrival, Isaki , Chicken Grunt

Isaki is also in season.
This is from Nagasaki, wild caught.
Isaki is white fish but swimmer.
So, there is no fat, just like aji meat and firm but no fat,
So, the taste is very clean, good with ginger and scallion.

Why we say chicken grunt?
The back fin is just like chiken grunt.

New Arrival, Tachi-Uo, Belt Fish

I try to buy seasonable fish as much as possible.
It's good to eat each season fish.
Japan is surrounded by oceans and fun to eat different fish.

I carried Tachi- Uo last year, but one time only.
This is silver fish and meat is white but the taste is not as snapper, hamachi.

I serve this as sushi or sashimi.
It is available until Saturday.

Look at this, yes this is belt fish.

Cannot to stop serving this.

It's kind of summer weather. Who wants to eat hot spicy soup?
So I decided to take healthy body soup from the menu. It will comeback in October.

But I just read an article about anti-cancer food pyramid.
Garlic, celery, cabbage are top ranking.
So, I decided to keep this as hidden menu.
I am ready to serve anytime if my customers want.
Actually I eat sometimes this with full of vegetables like green onion, tomato and extra garlic.

According to Shayna Komar, R.D., L.D., “The anti-cancer lifestyle is full of color. Twenty percent [of your diet should consist of] protein and 80 percent color – all your vegetables, fruits and whole grains.”
A healthy diet, she says, can prevent not only cancer, but also a host of other health conditions. “Many diseases start with obesity. If you exercise, eat well and drink a lot of water, you are starting at the baseline, working on a healthy heart and fighting diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure all in one shot.”
Komar recommends a balance of foods. “You have to look at your portion sizes, then look at the rest of your plate: is it full of color?”
To prepare your food, Komar recommends cooking with small amounts of olive oil. “Instead of frying something, try sautéing it, so you can get the same type of flavor, but not all of the fat.”
The best diet for preventing cancer, she says, is 80 percent fruits, whole grains and vegetables – and 20 percent protein. She recommends thinking of food as fuel: “It’s your energy, it’s your power.”

First Lady Michelle Obama announced the USDA’s food pyramid replacement, called “MyPlate.” This plate diagram was designed to provide a new model for healthy eating that is easy for children and adults to follow. Here is the MyPlate breakdown:
  • Fruits and vegetables comprise half the plate.
  • Grains and proteins, such as fish, meat and poultry, comprise the remaining two quarters of the plate.
  • A small circle beside the plate represents dairy, such as a glass of milk or container of yogurt.
  • The message? Half your diet should be comprised of fruits and vegetables, and the remaining quarters for proteins and grains, with small portions of dairy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TAKA Update March 21, 2012

Taka Update March 21, 2012

Fish delivery and more

We have big eye tuna. It is very good condition but no toro. Toro is Bluefin Oh-toro only.

Uni? Do not worry about this anymore. Yes, we do.

Weather is changing a lot and we have a new menu for early summer.

I cut healthy body soup, fried oyster and more. And I added Tuna Poke, Flounder special and more.

Sayori, Harfbeak is almost end of season. I ordered Mana-Gatsuo, Butter fish and Ainame, Fat Greenling for April must fish.

Weight Control and Golf

I had a week late birthday party at my home and had meat, wines, cake and chocolate.

Those were really tasty but all tasty still stay around my belly. I gained 168.0 and 3 lbs. over weight. I eat salad for my lunch. I am not a rabbit.

We had a golf game and my score was OK but I was 2nd place. I am a little bit sick, 5-7 irons are really bad. Any solution? Juts hit them more and more.

Eating Fatty Fish Benefits Younger Women, Study Shows

Younger women can cut their risk of heart disease and stroke by occasionally eating fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, Danish researchers report.

“We saw a positive effect on [heart disease and stroke risk] even from relatively modest intake of fish, so this is encouraging to people who might struggle to comply with the recommended levels of daily fish intake,” study researcher Marin Strom, PhD, tells WebMD in an email.

Strom, of Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen, Denmark, and her colleagues note that most research into omega-3 fatty acids and heart attack and stroke risk has focused on men, and even studies that did include women tended to overlook those of childbearing age.

The Danish researchers took advantage of their country’s large database of health information about pregnant women. Dietary data for about 49,000 women in the Danish National Birth Cohort was linked to information about hospitalization from the Danish National Patients Registry. At the beginning of the study, the women on average were about 30 years old.

The scientists compared the women’s intake of fatty fish, including salmon, mackerel, cod, and herring, with their risk of being hospitalized for heart disease, stroke, or high blood pressure over the next eight years or so. Compared to the women who ate the most fish, those who ate little or none were about 50% more likely be hospitalized for heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Previous research has shown that people who don’t eat fish are also more likely to have other risk factors for heart disease and stroke, such as smoking or a sedentary lifestyle, Strom and her colleagues write. But even after they accounted for those factors, the association between omega-3 fatty acid intake and heart disease and stroke risk remained significant.

Why Omega-3s Might Lower Risk

Women who can’t stomach fish probably could benefit from taking fish oil supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids, Strom says.

“However,” she says, “fish also contains other important nutrients, such as selenium, and I would rather emphasize the importance of eating fish ... than advise people to take supplements.”

Omega-3 fatty acids from fish could reduce heart disease and stroke risk by reducing inflammation, triglycerides (blood fats), blood clotting, and irregular heart rhythms, Harvard professor JoAnn Manson, MD, DrPH, tells WebMD.

“Some of the heart attacks and [other heart and stoke-related] events that occur in younger women are due to an increased risk of clotting,” notes Manson, chief of preventive medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

She calls Strom’s study “interesting” but noted that, as an observational trial in which women decided on their own how much fish to eat, the findings could be related to unidentified factors tied to fish consumption. Also, this kind of trial just shows an association, not true cause and effect.

Eat Salmon, cod, herring and mackerel. Anyway eating fish really helps your health condition.

Taka sushiandpassion

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I tasted these wines last week.

I don't carry these wines. A supplier is my friend. And he had a show and brought after that.

Sbragia, Chardonnay

92 points Robert Parker: "The Batard-Montrachet-like 2006 Chardonnay Gamble Ranch reveals poached pear, creme brulee, brioche, honeysuckle, hazelnut, smoke, and tropical fruit characteristics in its big, full-bodied, well-balanced personality.
 Ed Sbragia, the highly renowned winemaker at Beringer, has settled into his own operation, producing just over 5,000 cases of reds and whites that focus on Sbragia’s strengths, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. He is also experimenting with small quantities of Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc." (12/08) 91 points Wine Spectator: "Big, rich and creamy, with toasty oak, fig, melon and a hint of butterscotch, ending with flavors that fan out in a complex manner. Drink now through 2011." (Online Tasting Highlight 10/08) 90-92 points Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar: "Pale, bright yellow. Lime, lemon and nutty, creamy lees on the nose, along with some smoky high tones. Rich, fat and spicy, with a plumpness of texture that no doubt owes largely to 18 months' aging, with stirring, on the lees. This creamy-thick wine shows its 15.5% alcohol, but has just enough acidity to maintain its shape." (May/June '08) 92 points Wine Enthusiast: "This is a massive, powerful Chardonnay, a New World style that's superripe and heavily oaked. You either like it or you don't. Aficionados of this approach will love the opulence of the honey, pineapple jam, apricot, creme brulee, vanilla and buttercream flavors. Calls for very rich dishes..."

Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve
Robert Parker June 30, 2011 93 points
"Abundant smoke, chocolate, espresso roast, cassis and mocha characteristics are found in this full-bodied, powerful, layered Cabernet...big, dense beauty from a somewhat forgotten Napa Valley vintage. Give it 3-4 years of cellaring and drink it over the following two decades or more."


Beringer Winemaker Laurie Hook chooses from seven reserve vineyards to craft this wine that showcases the best of each vineyard’s terroir. Beringer’s remarkable collection of vineyards is the culmination of a 20 year partnership between Winemaster Emeritus Ed Sbragia and Bob Steinhauer, longtime Beringer vineyard manager. Ed and Bob worked tirelessly to identify vineyards that would produce the rich, intensely colored and flavored Cabernet Sauvignon grapes required for the Private Reserve.

Just as critical as the relationship between viticulture and winemaking, is the collaboration between Winemaker Laurie Hook and Ed Sbragia that has shaped the Reserve portfolio. Laurie and Ed have been working together since the 1980’s, and the 2006 honors the consistent vision of this talented team. Bancroft Ranch is a major component of the final blend, since replanting the vineyard in the mid to late 90’s. The density of flavor and structure lent by this Howell Mountain vineyard has been an integral part of Beringer’s Reserve program since 1986. Beringer’s famed St. Helena Home vineyard delivers the fleshy, black fruit mid-palate

MIrugai, Giant Clam

I finally got Mirugai, Giant Clam. Some people say Geoduck Clam.

Chinese buy a lot and they raise the price. So I could not get much last 3 weeks.

This is very difficult clam to carry.
I hear some restaurants chefs return when they get big ones or big shell / small outside.

The half of body cannot use. We cannot make the part of inside. We only use outside part.

Then, this one is $39 lbs.
If we can sell break even, it's OK. We just lose money most of the time.

But the taste is crunchy, milky flavor. So, people like this clam.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Barry Manilow

I just ordered this CD/DVD, It is on sale for preorder. It's a good deal.
It’s official! Recorded LIVE IN LONDON at the O2 Arena with the amazing London Philharmonic Concert Orchestra…..Barry’s latest release…LIVE IN LONDON….is now available. Both the DVD of the concert…and the longform CD…..packed with classic hits and a few surprises like you’ve never heard (or seen them) before. If you were there….you’ll be able to relive the magical nights…and if you’ve heard about it….you’ll be able to live it as if you were.

This exclusive package… that includes both the 16 Track CD…AND…..the 13 Track DVD is available now for pre-order only.

It includes all the memories and moments from an exciting week in London!
And all the songs with the most gorgeous arrangements and musicians you can imagine.
This exclusive CD PLUS DVD Deluxe Set includes:

1. Overture
2. Fanfare/I’m Comin’ Back
3. Riders To The Stars
4. Opening Medley
a. Daybreak
b. Somewhere In The Night
c. Looks Like We Made it
5. Can’t Smile Without You
6. Even Now
7. New York City Rhythm
8. Studio Musician
9. Bring On Tomorrow
10. Best Seat In The House
11. Talk To Me
12. Mandy
13. Copacabana (At The Copa)
14. I Write The Songs
15. One Voice/It’s A Miracle
16. Old Friends/Forever And A Day

1. Overture
2. Fanfare/I’m Comin’ Back
3. Riders To The Stars
4. Opening Medley
a. Daybreak
b. Somewhere In The Night
c. Looks Like We Made it
5. Can’t Smile Without You
6. Stay
7. Even Now
8. Studio Musician
9. Bring On Tomorrow
10. Mandy/Could It Be Magic
11. Copacabana (At The Copa)
12. I Write The Songs
13. Old Friends/Forever And A Day

We are offering an amazing pre-order offer just for you! Pre-Order NOW and you enjoy the special pre-order price of only $12.99. That’s right….only $12.99. But….and here’s the best part, you will automatically be entered into the pre-order sweepstakes to WIN A TRIP to Los Angeles to see Barry’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl on the Fourth of July! The winner will receive round trip domestic airfare for two to Los Angeles, two nights hotel in Los Angeles, AND two tickets to see Barry at the Hollywood Bowl on the Fourth of July!

This special pre-order offer is only available through So, order today by clicking here or call us 310.957.5788.

LIVE IN LONDON is waiting for you…and so is your chance to win a trip to Hollywood! Don’t hesitate, order today!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taka Update March 14, 2012

Taka Update March 14, 2012

Fish delivery and more

Don’t be surprised! We have uni and more than 1 case. Uni supply was improved.

But our business is getting slow because of Spring Break season.

Some good tuna is coming from South America tomorrow. But it sounds like just red meat only.

All other Japanese fish are fine except Iwashi, sardine.

More Japanese fish are coming on Thursday.

Weight Control and Golf

I had 50 years old birthday last Saturday. And I got 3 or 4 cakes from employees, family and more. Those were cheese cake, Strawberry cake, green tea mousse cake. I did not eat all of them but bit and gained some weight. It was 165.5 lbs.

I played golf last Sunday. It was 2 digits score but 92. I can excuse about this score.

Spring time is aeration season. So many sands on green and hard to read, ball speed was very slow. So I made so many 3 putts.

I have a small tournament this Sunday and I will try again.

The Masters is coming in 3 weeks. I got 2 Sunday tickets from a member of Augusta National. How lucky am I! He is a friend of Matt Kuchar.

4 Vitamins That Strengthen Older Brains

This is from Neurology.

Higher blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E are associated with better mental functioning in the elderly, a new study has found.

Researchers measured blood levels of these nutrients in 104 men and women, whose average age was 87. The scientists also performed brain scans to determine brain volume and administered six commonly used tests of mental functioning. The study is in the Jan. 24 issue of Neurology.

After controlling for age, sex, blood pressure, body mass index and other factors, the researchers found that people with the highest blood levels of the four vitamins scored higher on the cognitive tests and had larger brain volume than those with the lowest levels.

Omega-3 levels were linked to better cognitive functioning and to healthier blood vessels in the brain, but not to higher brain volume, which suggests that these beneficial fats may improve cognition by a different means.

Higher blood levels of trans fats, on the other hand, were significantly associated with impaired mental ability and smaller brain volume.

The lead author, Gene L. Bowman, a researcher in neurology at Oregon Health and Science University, said that the study could not determine whether taking supplements of these nutrients would decrease the risk for dementia. But he added: “What’s the harm in eating healthier? Fish, fruits, vegetables all have these nutrients, and staying away from trans fats is one key thing you can do.”

Omega-3 levels ~ cod, salmon, herring, mackerel

Vitamin B ~ Brown rice, soy bean

Vitamin C ~ fruits, vegetables

Vitamin E ~ soy bean, almond, nuts

Vitamin D ~ fish, mushrooms

It sounds like healthy Japanese food is good for brain.

Taka sushiandpassion

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The Masters Display

3 weeks to the Masters.
I did more this year than last year.

And I got 2 tickets on Sunday.
It is a gift from a member of Augusta national GC.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Is this Good?: Iberian Pig

I finally got a chance to go to Iberian Pig, Japanese like pork and we have many dishes with it.
And we have Kurobuta, Kagoshima Black pork.
This place is good but I think the price is a little bit high. Ham Tasting is $38.

Foie Gra dessert was really good but $18.
So, it is good for date but not for family. 4 glasses of wines and 2 cheese, 1 vege and 3 dishes was $175.

Do I come back?  I do not think so. One time is enough. But the place seems like busy.
It means American economy is coming back.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

22 years Birthday Dinner

This is really lovely.
Ellen (black jacket ) became 22 years old.
They came a little bit late night.
A table next to her table was 4 guys table.
And they ordered $40 tasting courses.
One of guys was talking with girls.
Then he ordered us to make another tasting courses for the girls.
He paid. What a nice birthday present.
Girls did not know until they paid.

She became 22, and I became just 50 years old.

The Masters is coming very soon!

I was preparing for the Masters tournament. Take gold color and place Masters green on the wall.

I did late night after finished the business.
Am I crazy? No, this is PASSION.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Barry Manilow is back!

Barry Manilow is Back!

After a Two Month Absence to Recover From Hip Surgery, Manilow Returned to Rave Reviews on Stage as He Unveiled a Brand New Sold-Out Show at CenturyLink Arena in Omaha, Nebraska

(Los Angeles, CA—March 8, 2012) With 47 top 40 hits and the critical success of his latest all original album “15 Minutes,” superstar Barry Manilow is back home on stage, where he belongs! Unveiling a much lauded, intimate and exciting brand new show filled with hits in Omaha to a sold-out crowd on February 29th, Manilow returns after recovering from extensive muscular surgery on his hips in December.

“It feels great to be back!,” Manilow said, “This new show my team and I have put together is one of the most intimate shows I have ever created. After the reaction we received in Omaha, I can't wait for everyone to see it!”

Manilow's highly acclaimed show at the CenturyLink Arena marks the beginning of a number of dates Manilow has scheduled for the year. More dates will be announced shortly as part of a new “Summer Concert Series.” The current schedule is below and new dates will be announced on and, with tickets available for purchase on

March 8 Moline, IL
March 9& Detroit, MI
March 10 Detroit, MI
April 11 Bloomington, IL
April 12 Des Moines, IA
April 13 St. Paul, MN
April 19 Huntington, WV
April 20 Highland Heights, KY
April 21 Columbus, OH
April 30 New York City, NY
May 1 New York City, NY
May 2 New York City, NY
May 15 London, UK
May 17 Birmingham, UK
May 19 Manchester, UK
May 21 Glasgow, UK
May 23 Dublin, UK
June 7 Wichita, KS
June 8 Tulsa, OK
June 9 Oklahoma City, OK
June 14 Grand Rapids, MI
June 15 Green Bay, WI
June 16 Kansas City, KS
July 2 Los Angeles, CA
July 3 Los Angeles, CA
July 4 Los Angeles, CA
July 12 Chicago, IL
July 13 Chicago, IL
July 14 Chicago, IL
July 27 Louisville, KY
July 28 Nashville, TN
July 29 Atlanta, GA
August 2 Cleveland, OH
August 3 Indianapolis, IN
August 4 Milwaukee, WI

With worldwide record sales exceeding 80 million, Barry Manilow is ranked as the top Adult Contemporary chart artist of all time, according to R&R (Radio & Records); with 47 top 40 hits to his credit on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Manilow has produced, arranged, and released over 40 albums over the course of his career.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Taka Update March 07, 2012

Fish delivery and more

Uni and Mirugai are not available as usual. But uni is coming on Friday but a very few.

Mirugai? It is $40 / lbs. I just order 1 piece.

Tuna supply is also same. It is not great. Our supplier carry Hawaiian Big eye tuna. This tuna does not have any toro. It is just red meat only. So I did not buy. They also carry South American big eye tuna. This tuna is also B ranking.

All Japanese fish are available. And Firefly squid, fresh Octopus and Fat Greenling are coming on Thursday.

Weight Control and Golf

It was slow business last night because of Super Tuesday. But John Travolta came again late night and I lost the time to eat my dinner.

So my weight was 167 lbs. yesterday but was 164lbs. this morning.

I did not play golf last Sunday. I just went to practice and wind was very strong.

I will come back this Sunday.

Vitamin E decreases bone mass by stimulating osteoclast fusion

Bone homeostasis is maintained by the balance between osteoblastic bone formation and osteoclastic bone resorption. Osteoclasts are multinucleated cells that are formed by mononuclear preosteoclast fusion. Fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D are pivotal in maintaining skeletal integrity. However, the role of vitamin E in bone remodeling is unknown. Here, we show that mice deficient in α-tocopherol transfer protein (Ttpa−/− mice), a mouse model of genetic vitamin E deficiency, have high bone mass as a result of a decrease in bone resorption. Cell-based assays indicated that α-tocopherol stimulated osteoclast fusion, independent of its antioxidant capacity, by inducing the expression of dendritic-cell–specific transmembrane protein, an essential molecule for osteoclast fusion, through activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase 14 (p38) and microphthalmia-associated transcription factor, as well as its direct recruitment to the Tm7sf4 (a gene encoding DC-STAMP) promoter. Indeed, the bone abnormality seen in Ttpa−/− mice was rescued by a Tm7sf4 transgene. Moreover, wild-type mice or rats fed an α-tocopherol–supplemented diet, which contains a comparable amount of α-tocopherol to supplements consumed by many people, lost bone mass. These results show that serum vitamin E is a determinant of bone mass through its regulation of osteoclast fusion.

Who makes the best cars? It is from Consumer Report.

1, Subaru score 75

2, Mazda score 74

3, Toyota score 73

4, Honda score 72

5, Nissan score 67

6, Volvo score 64

7, Hyundai score 63

8, BMW score 63

9, VW score 62

10, Ford score 60

11, Mercedes score 58

12, GM score 56

13, Chrysler score 51

Still cannot buy American cars.

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New wines by the glass

It is a challenge.
Our wines by the glass were all below $10.
And I felt economy was coming back and needed to carry more than $10.
If I go the resaurant and order wines by the glass , I choose higher price one.

So, why not at my place?

Chardonnay : Paul Hobbs Russian River Valley 2007
One of my favorite brand is Paul Hobbs. There is no question.

Sauvignon Blanc : Frog's Leap
Grown in the heart of the Rutherford appellation the 2010 Frog's Leap Sauvignon Blanc alludes to its storied region with aromas of wet stone, peach blossom and Meyer lemon zest. Across the palate the varietal's fruit character moves forward with more citrus and a touch of stone fruit all supported by the wine's minerality and crisp, bracing acid. This refreshing wine has a lingering finish that is sure to satisfy on a warm summer's day.

Pinot Noir : Evening Land
The 2009 California Blue Label Pinot Noir is sourced from three of California’s best AVA’s: Santa Rita Hills, Edna Valley,and Sonoma Coast. The richness from the Santa Hills Cuvee is balanced perfectly by the
bright, acid driven cuvees from the Edna Valley and the supple fruit-­‐forward wines from the Sonoma Coast. This wine was entirely produced, cellared and bottled by Evening Land. Aromas of fresh red fruits and savory herbs lead to flavors of cranberry, pomegranate, and Bing cherries.

By the way, John Travolta came back last night. He saved our slow Super Tuesday nigh business.
He will stay until Friday. Movie title is Killing Season.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is this tasty?: Pinata apple

I found a new apple at Costco, my daily store.

It is from Washington state.

The price is $4.99 and the cheapest apple at Costco.
I bit and was good, crispy, no bitter, a little bit sour, fruity, juicy.
This is good. And I use it for ginger dressing, for my dog breakfast.
She loves apples.

How to cook Japnese Gyoza Dumpling

Heat up fried pan and drop oil. Then place gyoza. Make sure it gets brown color on pan side.

Add water or hot water. Cover 70% of goyza, Imagine you are in bath tub, just show neck over the water.
Boiling, right?  Place lid and wait around 4 minutes. This steaming process is very important.
Do not open until water is gone. But you can see it around 4 minutes. Don't get burn too much.
You might get cancer in the future.
Drop a little bit olive oil and turn around. So, the bottom of gyoza get crispy. And reduce fire power.

Place the dish on pan and turn over, Burnside is top. Ready to eat.
Use ponzu sauce with sesame chili oil. 
I do burn side bottom at the restaurant. I think people want not to see burn color.

Make it or buy it. Just buy it.  Frozen gyoza is available at Asian grocery stores.
Ajinomoto Brand is the best.
If you would like to know "how to make gyoza",  I can teach you.  Let me know. It is fun to make it.

Hirame Special for my friend

I made 3 different specials for my friend.

Hirame with Pickled plum paste, shiso
Hirame with Craw fish salad, shiso
Hirame with Spicy Cod Roe, shiso

I think people are getting know Umeshiso maki, pickled plum shiso roll.

Shiso, Japanese mint leaf

It's good to eat without soy sauce sometimes.
Pickled plum can be sauce, Spicy cod roe can be.

Before and After

Fresh arrived Octopus, looks ugly.

Then, I boiled 1 minute. This is good makeover.  Nice color and so cute. Ready to eat.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is this tasty?: Fuoco di Napoli

My customer told me this place is the best in Buckhead.

So why not? I always try if I hear  like this.

This is Pizza del RE $15.

It was good but I felt Turfuto on Piedmont Rd. was better.
But all my employees said Napoli was better than Turfuto.

What is you opinion?
By the way, one of my customers who works for Pizza store on Peachtree Rd. he say Antico is the best in town.

Fuoco di Napoli  30 Pharr Rd. Atlanta GA 30305 404-781-0707

Something New, We had these last week.

Kan-Saba, Winter mackerel. It was very tasty. Many people say Saba is fishy. Yes, fish is fishy. But this saba is really great. The picture top is Norwegian saba for comparison. I wil order again.

Ai-name, Fat Greenling. This is white fish but has fat, The meat is close like any other, It is juts between hamachi and hirame. It will comeback this Thursday.

Mana-Gastuo, Pampus. The name might confuse as katsuo, bonito, But this is not a group of bonito,
The meat is completely white as White tuna, escara.
Very fatty fish and American people might like.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Something New

 Komochi -Iidako
Baby Octopus with roes.
I am thinking of way of cooking.
Japanese way, braising or Italian way,cooking with tomato sauce.

Firefly Squid
This is in season now.
It is boiled already and just eat as sashimi.

I have more but no time to show, I will do tonight.