Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wearing glove to make sushi but,,,.

We had health Department inspection on Thursday.
That was a big minus. I just got a order and made sushi.
She was watching me. And gave us -9 points because of not wearing glove when I made sushi.
I thought Fulton County was OK without glove.
It sounds like national regulation, maybe. It is from FDA order, maybe.

We need to wear glove all the time when we touch raw fish.
But, is it sounds clean? We tried Friday, next day and realized that making sushi with glove is not easy.
Rice stick on glove and can not make right size of nigiri sushi.

Have you seen sushi places like this picture? I see fast food sushi in supermarket.
They do all the time.
I think most of sushi chefs wear glove just for inspection.
Some chefs do not wear cap or hat during making sushi. This posture, I do not agree. hairs might lose from head and might drop on food. I wear cap all the time.

But we do not wear glove when make sushi in Japan. A human being skin is really useful. And I understand sushi is popular food and everybody makes sushi and very dangerous items.

She will come back on Wednesday again. If we wear glove, we pass the inspection.
So, there is no choice. Maybe just wear glove for lunch, this is my solution.
We wash hands all the time and keep clean. We never had accidents.

Think about SEX. Do you wear condom? And which one is better, A: wearing condom or B: naked.
I think 99% of people like naked, And this is same as men and women.
Sushi is same as SEX?, no I do no think so but I just want to say the feeling is important factor to make sushi.


Reverend Frag said...

When you have to use gloves, make sure you do not use latex or natural rubber gloves. Some people are deathly allergic to latex (my sister is one), and they have a very hard time finding restaurants they can eat at because of this.

TAKA said...
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TAKA said...

Thanks, I will check it. I bought at Costco, Kirkland Signature.

Worapoj said...

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