Saturday, December 31, 2011

Soba, we eat this at the end of year.

Yes, this is our tradition, Toshi Koshi Soba, means getting over the year soba.

There are many reasons.
In Japan, we call the last day of the year "Oh-misoka" and typically follow a tradition to eat soba (=Japanese noodle made from buckwheat) and listen to the striking bell at the temple to see the old year out. Each custom is called "Toshikoshi soba" and "Joya no kane", respectively.

Even people who do not eat soba( = Japanese noodle) often are tempted to eat soba during the last days of the year, based on our unique customary thoughts from the ancient times that we cannot finish up the old year without eating soba. There are some reasons why we choose soba and not any other kind of food:

(1)It is thought that soba is a bringer of good luck, family fortunes, and longevity because soba is physically long.

(2) On the contrary, since soba is easy to bite, it is also considered to forget and sever any carryover of hardship and disaster that may have happened during the year.

(3)The third opinion is believed that soba collects fortunes; During the Edo period , a gold and silver craftsmen used balls made of kneaded buckwheat (=soba) to collect splattered gold and silver pieces in the working area, and burned the ball over hibachi (= Japanese heating appliance using charcoal as fuel) to catch residue gold and silver pieces.

While soba maybe a Japanese style fast-food, it seems to have an additional value during the new year period.

By the way, SOBA is  a great food for your health.
Soba Noodles are Gluten Free – People who are allergic to gluten, or who plan to avoid it for health reasons, can rejoice in soba noodles. Buckwheat is actually a fruit seed, rather than a cereal grain like wheat, and is free of gluten, but contains all the essential amino acids (protein), including lysine, which is absent in wheat. Soba noodles can be purchased in dried form, and cooked at home, just like other wheat noodles.

Buckwheat is Good for the Heart – It has been found that buckwheat contains a flavonoid called “Rutin” which helps reduce LDL cholesterol (linked with heart disease conditions) and promotes the generation of HDL cholesterol which improves your cardio health. Buckwheat also helps lower your lipid levels thanks to the activity of rutin.

Soba Noodles are Rich in Magnesium – One of the major minerals found in buckwheat is magnesium. Eating soba noodles can help enrich the magnesium reserves in your body. Magnesium helps improve blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels. It also helps in nutrient delivery by lowering blood pressure. So magnesium in combination with rutin can help improve your cardiovascular health significantly, that really makes soba noodles healthy for you.

Buckwheat helps Control Blood Sugar – It’s been found that the nutrients present in buckwheat can help control your blood sugar and also improve the insulin response of the cells. Hence soba noodles are a healthy alternative, to wheat noodles, for people suffering from diabetes. It has also been found that foods rich in magnesium lower your risk of diabetes by about 24 percent, soba noodles are rich in magnesium and hence can help protect you against conditions like diabetes.

Buckwheat can Help Protect Against Gallstones – Buckwheat is high in insoluble fiber, which makes it a great asset for preventing conditions like gallstones. Insoluble fiber is known to help move food quickly through the intestines, reduce the secretion of bile acids and lower blood fats. High secretions of bile acids is mostly responsible for the formation of gallstones.

Soba Noodles are Not Fattening – Since buckwheat is high in insoluble fiber, it contributes towards reducing the “digestible calories” in the noodles. So soba noodles actually has less digestible calories as compared to rice or wheat noodles. The insoluble fiber present in soba noodles also helps create a feeling of fullness in the stomach which keeps you from being hungry from a good period of time, hence you need consume less food and thus gain less weight.

Soba Noodles are Rich Sources of Thiamine – In ancient Japan, the rich classes used to eat white rice, and rice noodles, while the farmers, or rural population, consumed soba noodles. It was found that the instances of “beri beri” (a skin disease related to deficiency of thiamine) was on the rise among the rich class while it was absent in the rural population. This prompted the rich class to start eating soba noodles, which help prevent the onset of beri beri. Buckwheat is a rich source of thiamine and other essential vitamins like Riboflavin and choline.

Soba noodles are very good for your health and are gluten-free, making it a great alternative to wheat noodles. You can eat soba noodles boiled in a broth or fried with vegetables or meat, it makes for a tasty meal and it’s highly nutritious to boot.

How to make soba from soba flour? Go to below.

Do I like Soba? Very much. I can eat it every day. No question, it is just good and feel healthy and you know I am on diet all the time exceptt Sundays.

We have hot soba, cold soba and soba salad on the menu. Please try one of them.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A good gift for golfers

This deal is not bad. It is $129.90 and can play 3 diffrent golf courses in Metro Atlanta.
And any time any day are good.
It is from Costco.
I just bought one for try.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Cooking Show and Health Inspection and more

Do you watch Iron Chef on Food Network? What do you think? Too much to show? Over reacting?
If you see them from Health Inspection points, you see some funny things.
Morimoto never used gloves when he cuts fresh fish.
Same as other chefs when they cut fresh meat.
All of chefs never used cap of chef hat. They might drop their hairs on the foods.

I thought when I watched Japanese Iron Chef, Ryori no Tastujin, All chefs used hats. I think it is manners to show viewers. Believe or not, Morimoto used the hat at Japanese version.

At the restaurants, many of executive chefs stand in the kitchen and they work there. Most of them don't use hats.
Why they do not use it? Is this ugly? It does not matter whatever, food safety comes first. We get a few complains about hairs even we wear hats all the times.
I think cooking shows need show the viewers the right information.

By the way, do you watch " Restaurant Impossible". I watch this and always feel something.
What is bad restaurants? Bad food, bad decor and bad services.
 And what is good restaurants? Good food, good decor and good services.
So, making good restaurants are easy, right?
But so many restaurants are bad.

It is same as in Japan. Do you think all sushi restaurants are good in Japan? No, only 10-20% are good. The others are really bad or just OK.
It is impossible all restaurants are good.
I think this is same as all the people of this country cannot be rich. The only 10-20% people can be.
If everybody becomes rich, no one pick up trash, no one work at factories.
So, 10-20% is good numbers. I try to join this 10-20%.

Add Gold accent in the bathroom

This is my holiday's project at restaurant.
I do not stay there all day, I take some off.
This accent is good, isn't it?

Is this tasty?: Trader's Joe Mousse.

My friend gave me this, She likes Trader's Joe products.
They have some Asian influence foods and Japanese people like them.
Is this good? It is not bad.

I feel Tlader's Joe is from California and they make better products than other states, especially sweetness is perfect.

Shiso still grows in winter.

This is unusual. Shiso still grows in winter.
Most of them died in September,
But this one is still growing,
Is this because of global warming?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Kagami Mochi

Displaying kagami Mochi is Japanese New Year Tradition.

Mochi is made from sweet rice, but sugar like sweet. We steam sweet rice and pound and make this.
I displayed after health inspection to avoid another minus point.
I think we can not display naked foods, right?
But we do like this in Japan.

Kagami mochi, literally mirror rice cake, is a traditional Japanese New Year decoration. It usually consists of two or three round mochi (rice cakes), the smaller placed atop the larger, and a daidai (a Japanese bitter orange) with an attached leaf on top. In addition, it may have a sheet of konbu and a skewer of dried persimmons under the mochi. It sits on a stand called a sanpō over a sheet called a shihōbeni , which is supposed to ward off fires from the house for the following years. Sheets of paper called gohei  folded into lightning shapes similar to those seen on sumo wrestler's belts are also attached.

The kagami mochi first appeared in the Muromachi period (14th-16th century). The name kagami ("mirror") is said to have originated from its resemblance to an old-fashioned kind of round copper mirror, which also had a religious significance. The reason for it is not clear. Explanations include mochi being a food for sunny days, the 'spirit' of the rice plant being found in the mochi,and the mochi being a food which gives strength.

The two mochi discs are variously said to symbolize the going and coming years, the human heart,"yin" and "yang", or the moon and the sun. The "daidai", whose name means "generations",is said to symbolize the continuation of a family from generation to generation.

Traditionally the kagami mochi was placed in various locations throughout the house.Nowadays it is usually placed in a household Shinto altar, or kamidana. It has also been placed in the tokonoma, a small decorated alcove in the main room of the home.

Contemporary kagami mochi are often pre-moulded into the shape of stacked discs and sold in plastic packages in the supermarket. A mikan or a plastic imitation daidai is often substituted for the original daidai.

Variations in the shape of kagami mochi are also seen. In some regions, three layered kagami mochi are also used. The three layered kagami mochi are placed on the butsudan or on the kamidana. There is also a variant decoration called an okudokazari placed in the centre of the kitchen or by the window which has three layers of mochi.

It is traditionally broken and eaten in a Shinto ritual called kagami biraki (mirror opening) on the second Saturday or Sunday of January. This is an important ritual in Japanese martial arts dojos. It was first adopted into Japanese martial arts when Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo, adopted it in 1884, and since then the practice has spread to aikido, karate and jujutsu studios

Then, we have to eat kagami mochi on January 11th.
It is called Kagami Biraki.
Kagami Biraki  is a Japanese traditional ceremony which literally translates to "Opening the Mirror" (from an abstinence) or, also, "Breaking of the Mochi." It traditionally falls on January 11 (odd numbers are associated with being good luck in Japan) It refers to the opening of a Kagami mochi, or to the opening of a cask of Sake at a party or ceremony.

We fixed, Health Inspection

The first inspection was December 15th and they came back on 21st.
99 was not bad.
But the biggest point was bare hand contact with ready to use food items, -9.
We fixed 8 items total.
They come once a year. But I ask them every 6 month. Actually they need to come every 6 month but shortage of the budget disturbs this.

Anyway, we are doing well.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Taka Update December 21 2011

Taka Update December 21 , 2011

Fish delivery and more

Bad weather at north east area in US. We could not get flounder for a couple days. But it will come today. And live scallop and clam are not available because of same reason.

Tuna ? There is no hope this year. This is the true story. Let's say they had 100 of big eye tuna before. 40 went to NY, 20 went to and there 5 came to Atlanta. But the total amount of tuna is not much now. Let's say they have 30 of big eye tuna. 20 go to NY, 5 go to LA and we can get less than 1. And the price is high and restaurants owners don't want to buy. We do not want blue fin tuna because of high price. But we can buy big eye tuna.

Which restaurant can buy these kind of good tuna? Taka, Tomo, MF and maybe Nakato. only 4 restaurants can buy. And if they get a large size tuna, they cannot sell all of them. And they do not want to take a risk.

I buy O2 tuna from Philippine and buy farm raised and frozen blue fin oh toro from Australia. This buying will continue for a while.

More Manilow this Spring!

This just in... Barry is headed to St. Louis and Grand Rapids this Spring!

And...BMIFC members can get their tickets on Thursday (before the general public)!

Here are the details:

March 1 and 2 -St. Louis,MO- Fox Theatre

April 26 -Grand Rapids,MI- Van Andel Arena

Drinking good water is good prevention for flu.

Do you know 60% of our body is water? Baby is 80%. small child is 70%. Water in the body is adjusting to the cellular nutrition and elimination, physiological functions are activated, it is important to enhance the immune system.

Compared to adults, children large amounts of water, the chemical reactions in the body is active. In terms of human growth, to become an important period that feed the immune system from birth to 10 years, it is important to good water to drink during this period.

Vitamin E Supplements Increase Incidence of Prostate Cancer

A vitamin E supplement significantly increased the incidence of prostate cancer in healthy men, according to a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The findings are from an updated analysis from the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT)—a study of more than 35,000 relatively healthy men aged 50 or older. SELECT was funded by the National Cancer Institute, NCCAM, and other components of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

In the SELECT study, researchers randomly assigned participants into four treatment groups to receive daily doses of selenium (200 micrograms), vitamin E (400 international units [IU]), both selenium and vitamin E, or placebo. The initial study report stated that selenium and vitamin E taken alone or together did not prevent prostate cancer. Because of these findings, in 2008 participants were instructed to discontinue their study supplements. At that time, the researchers also noted that there was a slight increase in prostate cancer incidence in men who took vitamin E. However, the increase was not statistically significant, meaning there was a strong possibility that it could have been due to chance. Since 2008, researchers have continued to monitor the health of the study participants; this update is based on that continued monitoring.

At a median followup of 7 years, the researchers observed that the incidence of prostate cancer was increased by 17 percent in men who received the vitamin E supplement alone compared with those who received placebo. There was no increased incidence of prostate cancer when vitamin E and selenium were taken together.

The researchers noted that a biological explanation for the increased incidence of prostate cancer in the vitamin E group was not apparent from these data, but that the increased incidence became evident only after a longer period of monitoring. According to the researchers, this suggested that effects from these supplements may continue after treatment has ended. They also noted that these findings underscore the need for consumers to be skeptical of health claims in the absence of strong evidence of health benefits from clinical trials.

Holiday Season Oparation.

December 24th Saturday :Open but close at 10pm or before 10pm

December 26th Monday: Close Lunch and Open Dinner

December 25th Sunday :Close

December 31st Saturday :Open but closed at 10pm

January 1st Sunday : Close

January 2nd Monday : Close lunch and open Dinner

Taka sushiandpassion

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Monday, December 19, 2011

A gift from my older sister in DC

My American older sister came from DC. She and her husband comes to Atlanta 2 times a year to see their son and daughter in law.

They used to live in Okinawa. I used to call her Okinawa mama.
 But she did not like that I called mother and I changed the way of calling.

They gave me golf shirts this time. She said Obama played this course.
Yes, this is AFB golf course in DC and I cannot play. It opens for DoD ad military related people, federal government workers only.

They know I like playing golf.

Zenzai, our winter dessert

Zenzai? I do not think many Japanese restaurants here in the US serve this.
It is mochi with hot & sweet red bean soup.
Mochi?  It is made from sweet rice and  is steamed, pounded,.
It is very sticky and good match with red bean.

Mochi is a kind of good luck and that is the reason we give this to our regular customers for their happiness of 2012.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wearing glove to make sushi but,,,.

We had health Department inspection on Thursday.
That was a big minus. I just got a order and made sushi.
She was watching me. And gave us -9 points because of not wearing glove when I made sushi.
I thought Fulton County was OK without glove.
It sounds like national regulation, maybe. It is from FDA order, maybe.

We need to wear glove all the time when we touch raw fish.
But, is it sounds clean? We tried Friday, next day and realized that making sushi with glove is not easy.
Rice stick on glove and can not make right size of nigiri sushi.

Have you seen sushi places like this picture? I see fast food sushi in supermarket.
They do all the time.
I think most of sushi chefs wear glove just for inspection.
Some chefs do not wear cap or hat during making sushi. This posture, I do not agree. hairs might lose from head and might drop on food. I wear cap all the time.

But we do not wear glove when make sushi in Japan. A human being skin is really useful. And I understand sushi is popular food and everybody makes sushi and very dangerous items.

She will come back on Wednesday again. If we wear glove, we pass the inspection.
So, there is no choice. Maybe just wear glove for lunch, this is my solution.
We wash hands all the time and keep clean. We never had accidents.

Think about SEX. Do you wear condom? And which one is better, A: wearing condom or B: naked.
I think 99% of people like naked, And this is same as men and women.
Sushi is same as SEX?, no I do no think so but I just want to say the feeling is important factor to make sushi.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Give me your $40 for the future environment protection.

This is from Seacology.

Coral reefs and tropical rainforests are home to the planet's greatest biodiversity, but are disappearing at an alarming rate. Every acre we save makes a world of difference. Now you can help protect these ecosystems with Seacology's Save an Acre program.

Your gift of $40 will save one acre

For every tax-deductible $40 donation to the Save an Acre program, you can choose to directly support either a coral reef or rainforest conservation area.* You can learn more about the projects your donation will support at our rainforest or coral reef pages.

In a world full of consumer gadgets, Seacology's Save an Acre program is a gift that will last a lifetime. Celebrate any special occasion (birthday, wedding, anniversary, bar or bat mitzvah, or holiday) by protecting a pristine coral reef or tropical rainforest from development and exploitation. Honor your family, friends, or the passing of a loved one with this simple and meaningful gift. Or make your own commitment to protect our natural world.

You or your honoree will receive a personalized card of appreciation with a beautiful color photograph, as well as exclusive information about the location they helped to preserve.

*Ownership of the ecosystems will remain with local indigenous communities. Up to 10% of your gift may be applied to cover costs of the Save an Acre program.

Save an acre now! Go to below and donate $40.
I support this environmental organization. I started this in 2007,maybe.
I donate $500 from Taka Sushi, $50 from my pocket every month.
Thank you for your support and this will be a good gift for our mother, the Earth.

You Tube, A Flying man?

This is great.  I always get this kind of video from friends.
Hey, Tylor I forgot to post condom CM. I will do that this weekend.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ms. Sandy, my 2nd student

We did cooking class yesterday.
Ms. Sandy is my Wednesday student.
We made bonito & kelp broth, udon soup and tempura sauce.
She would like to do more and we will make gyoza next week.
And Jakie contacted me for making sushi and dumpling.
I think i will take this offer and do it on Tuesday.
Busy Busy Busy, but it's good for me. Knowing new people is fun.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fish ball from Iwashi

Fresh sashimi is good but we can do like this, too.
We have meat balls, and can make fish balls, too.
I just cut fish and put into a food processor. Minced fish, small bone with some vegetables and pepper, salt can make good fish balls.
We car fry with starch and eat with lemon. Simple is the best and can take calcium naturally.

Shima Aji is back with low price.

It was high price. But it is low price now.
Our fish company asked me to buy it.
Shima Aji, Striped Jack is a group of Aji, Jack fish.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Taka Update December 13th 2011

Taka Update December 13 , 2011

Fish delivery and more

Kona Kanpachi is back. It is available every day.

Tuna supply is almost same last 8 weeks. There is no big eye tuna, yellow fin tuna is available.

Japanese fish delivery is fine. It looks good, we can get all fishes from Japan.

Barry Manilow hospitalized for hip muscle repair

Barry Manilow has been shaking his hips on stage for decades, and now he has to have those muscles repaired.

A spokeswoman for Manilow says the 68-year-old entertainer was hospitalized Monday for surgery to remove fluid and repair torn muscles in his hips.

Manilow waited until he performed his 1,000th Las Vegas concert and ended his seven-year run at two resorts there before having the surgery.

Publicist Annie Jeeves says Manilow will be in recovery for six weeks before performing in Chicago on Feb. 2.

Use of Some Supplements May Be Risky for Older Women

Older women who use some vitamin or dietary supplements may be increasing their risk of death, according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine today as part of the journal’s Less is More series.

Use of dietary supplements has grown substantially among women in the United States. About 85% of US women reported use of at least 1 such product in 2004 compared with 66% in 1986, according results from the Iowa Women’s Health Study, a survey of more than 40 000 women aged 55 to 66 years. Additionally, use of multiple supplements has become common, with 27% of women reporting using 4 or more such products in 2004.

The new study, which also analyzed data from the Iowa study, suggests there may be harms associated with some dietary supplements. The study found that several supplements were associated with an increased risk of mortality, including multivitamins (increased absolute risk [IAR] of 2.4%), folic acid (IAR of 5.9%), iron (IAR of 3.9%), and copper (IAR of 18%). It also found that calcium supplementation was associated with a reduced risk of death.

Study author Jaakko Mursu, PhD, of the University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio and the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, spoke with JAMA about the study’s results.

news@JAMA: Were you surprised to see an increased risk of death among women using certain supplements?

Dr Mursu: I was a bit surprised to see such a large increase in the risk of mortality, as in most previous studies supplement use has not been associated with increased risk.

news@JAMA: What do you think might be driving an increased risk of death associated with these supplements?

Dr Mursu: We could not address the mechanisms in this study, but it could be related to the fact that most compounds are harmful in high amounts. We doubt that they were driven by behavior, as supplement users tended to have healthier lifestyles.

news@JAMA: You documented a beneficial effect of calcium supplementation. Is there a plausible explanation for such an effect?

Dr Mursu: In previous cohort studies or clinical trials, calcium supplementation has not been found to be beneficial in regard to total or [cardiovascular disease–associated] mortality. We have no good explanation for why, in our study, calcium was related with a reduced risk. We noticed that out of different supplements, calcium use was among the most strongly related with healthy behavior. Another option is that it could be good for bone health and prevented severe fractures. However, we did not address this issue in this study.

news@JAMA: Alternatively, you found an association between iron supplementation and increased mortality, including a dose-dependent response. What might be the mechanism?

Dr Mursu: In some studies, high iron stores have been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, although evidence is not consistent. Iron itself could be toxic and increase oxidative stress. In this study, we could not, however, address this issue.

news@JAMA: What do you think is the main take-home message for women and their physicians?

Dr Mursu: We feel that instead of taking supplements, women should put more emphasis on a healthy diet. At the moment, there is a very little evidence that supplement use would protect against major chronic diseases.

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December 26th Monday: Close Lunch and Open Dinner

December 25th Sunday :Close

December 31st Saturday :Open but closed at 10pm

January 1st Sunday : Close

January 2nd Monday : Close lunch and open Dinner

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Ms. Leigh, a student of my cooking class

This is Leigh, a student of my cooking class.
She asked me to teach Japanese cooking.
So, I decided to teach every day from 5;30pm- 6pm.
We normally do not have many customers and I can do that.

We did bonito and kelp broth, miso soup, tempura sauce, noodle soup for 1st class.

And we did something with miso for 2nd class.
This evening was 3rd class. We did gyoza and rolled cabbage.

I am thinking natto next class.
She bought some Japanese soy sauce, mirin, dashi soy sauce at Buford Hwy Farmers Market.

I am not sure how long we do this but I want to do that at least 10 classes.

She is Monday student. I will get Sandy this Wednesday. She is really new and this Wednesday is the first class.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Women form the Island

My friend went to Hawaii during Thanksgiving holiday.
She gave me this, actually 2012 calendar.
Which girl do you like?
I like March, February and November.

I cannot bring to the restaurant, right?
This is sexsual harrasment?
It is very common in Japan, maybe. We see so many girls calendars in Japan and it is OK.

How to Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu, Crispy fried Pork is very popular dish in Japan. We do at least once a week for lunch special.
I do not say "deep fried", and "crispy fried" is soft and fancy.

Buy pork like a picture and 10-20% cut both side like cross words.
Then, use a kitchen hummer?, mush it like a middle picture.
And apply pepper, salt and apply tempura flour, egg and go to panko.
Just fry about 4 minutes and can make delicious tonkatsu.
Do not forget to buy tonkatsu sauce, Japanese steak sauce. It is good for any kinds of crispy fried dishes.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Make something with Saba

I marine saba with sake, grated garlic and sea salt.
So, what do I make from this?
I make Saba Shalyapin Steak. What is Sharyapin?
This is Japanese cooking.
Sharyapin was opera singer. She came to Japan and ask chef to make soft and chewable steak.
And Japanese chef made it with sauteed onion.
Onion makes beef soft and she could eat easily.
It is popular way of cooking in Japan. But this way is only in Japan.

A grill saba first and cook onion with butter, soy sauce. Then add saba and cook together.
It is simple and tasty.

New Beers from Japan

We have a couple of unique beers.

Indo no Ao Oni, Indian pale ale is very smooth and tasty. This is 7% of alcohol and feels good.

Yona Yona Ale received Gold medal in 2007 Monde Selection. 5.5 % of alcohol is easy drink.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This is great, from Youtube

My friend sent me this video. It is great and beautiful.

Taka Update December 7th 2011

Taka Update December 07 , 2011

Fish delivery and more

We had a bad weather in Japan last week and could not some fish from there.

Sekiaji, Kodai, Sayori, Iwashi are not available today.

They might come tomorrow delivery.

Japanese fish delivery dates will change from next week. The dates are Tuesday and Thursday so far. But Tuesday and Friday are new dates.

Kona Kanpachi was out of stock. They had a problem with management in Hawaii. But it will comeback from next week.

MY Golf

I played 2 round on Sunday. I was not intended but my fellow asked me and I said "Why not?".

I shot 85 for 1st round and 86 for 2nd round . My games are getting steady like business. Am I happy? Yes, I am. We have 16 people tournament this Sunday with cold weather. Anyway I will play. I normally play 365 days all year unless golf courses are closed.

Holiday Season Oparation.

December 24th Saturday :Open but close at 10pm

December 25th Sunday :Close

December 31st Saturday :Open but closed at 10pm

January 1st Sunday : Close

January 2nd Monday : Open as back to normal

Simple Cooking Class at TAKA with TAKA

Now, I am teaching 2 students in the evening. A new girl starts from this evening.

It is 30minutes simple cooling class. I can take 1 more person and that's it.

Ask me if you would like to know Japanese cooking.

Health Benefits of Black Vinegar

Popular in China and Japan as a health tonic or drink, black rice vinegar is reputed to have an array of health benefits, similar to apple cider vinegar and other vinegars. Black vinegar has a deep color and a full, rich flavor, making it a tasty ingredient for dipping sauces and braised dishes. The vinegar can also be used as a fat- and cholesterol-free alternative to balsamic vinegar. Black rice vinegar is most often made from unpolished rice, millet, wheat or sorghum.

Lisa Solieri and Paolo Giudici, in the book "Vinegars of the World," explain that black rice vinegars have long been used in China and Japan as natural cardiovascular treatments. They say that black vinegar contains acetic acid, an organic acid that might help your body reduce glucose levels. As a result, black vinegar can have a long-term, preventative effect with an array of cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and stroke.

Black rice vinegar has been credited with helping to boost a body's energy production and, as a result, benefit a number of body systems. Dr. James Heffley, in the Austin Chronicle article "To Your Health," explains that black vinegar contains high levels of citric acid, which serves as one of your body's key organic acids. Heffley says that citric acid assists with the metabolic processes in which your body converts food into energy. Citric acid, in fact, helps to boost your body's energy production over and above normal levels. Many body systems benefit from the increased energy, including your digestion, immune system and cognitive functions.

Black rice vinegar contains high levels of antioxidants, which might help aid in cancer prevention. Solieri and Giudici explain that black rice vinegar may have the potential to combat the activity of damaging free radicals, which contribute to the development of cancer. They say that vinegar might be able to combat the development of tumors as well.

Cal Orey, in :The Healing Powers of Vinegar: A Complete Guide to Nature's Most Remarkable Remedy," explains that black rice vinegar contains many essential amino acids, which your body uses for everything from repairing muscle tissue to growing your nails. Orey says that the amino acids contained in black vinegar may help to balance your body's pH, both neutralizing lactic acid and alkalizing the blood, as well as to heal everyday ailments ranging from congestion to constipation.

Taka sushiandpassion

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Shirako Seaason is also started.

I introduced this last year. Shirako is typical winter dish.
It is not brain, is ovary of Cod.
We eat it in winter.
Taste and texture? It is silky milky tofu.
I ate Blow fish Shirako one time in my life.
That was the best.
It comes every Thursday, try it. Don't be shy.
The picture is fresh one and we do not eat as raw.
We cook it.

Beef tongue stew

It is the season for stew. I make beef tongue stew every year.
Of course, this is not Japanese dish but Japanese people like this.
So why not?

I cooks almost 2 days with red wine and my special tomato sauce.
You will not feel like animal tongue when you eat.
Take your prejudice away, and just try, just do it.
Open your new doors and windows.
And you will see  new world and views.

Salad California

This is Salad California.
I made this for just a little with joke.
Yes, Hotel California and Salad California is similar.
Organic green salad with tofu, fresh tomato, pine nuts, craisin, edamame are great combinations.
We do not sell much but I just want to keep this item on the menu.
I do not think Salad california is available in California.

Avia Toning shoes

I bought toning shoes first time in my life.
I did not want to pay high and waited for a while.
This Avia is $19.99 at Marshalls.
Guess how much is in Japan?
I checked Rakuten webside, the biggest net market in Japan.
It was 12,600 yen, meant about $163???
People come from Japan, they can buy this shoes at $14.40 in the US.

Japan is 3rd largest country (GDP means) but people are still poor because of this kind of crazy prices.The cost of living in Japan is really high.