Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taka's Update August 23, 2011

Taka Update August 23, 2011

Fish delivery and more

We normally get Japanese fish today but some are not coming because of bad weather.

Suzuki, Japanese seabass and Kinmedai, Splendid Alfonsino are not coming today. Kinmedai might come on Thursday.

Uni is available for a while.

Big eye tuna with nice fat is also coming today.

PBA30 TV presents “The wonderS of Japan”

This September, Public Broadcasting Atlanta is proud to present an exclusive, local PBA30 TV series, “The Wonders of Japan.” This exploration of “The Land of the Rising Sun” debuts on PBA30 at 9PM, Tuesday, September 13th, with new episodes that will be broadcast on five consecutive Tuesdays at 9 pm through October 11th, 2011.

Do not travel to Japan now. It is terrible strong Japanese Yen make you sad. Watching TV is a kind of free. It was 250 yen in 1985. But it is 76 yen right now. Some people say that yen will be higher and higher.

Obesity Prevention

This is more easier than losing weight. Fast care fast result.

1) Check your body with mirror. It tells you about your look.

2) Record and research are important. Why did you gain weight? What did you eat?

3) Burn calorie in your daily life. Wiping window glass is 30kcal in 30minutes, Taking hot bath tab is 59kcal in 20minutes, Shampooing is 29kcal in 10minutes, Walking steps is 6kcal in 1 minute, Walking fast is 40kal in 10minutes.

4) Go outside, not stay home. It means you have to wall anyway. It burns calories.

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