Saturday, June 25, 2011

Unagi price is going up again!

I just bought 5 cases of Unagi, eel.
Our supplier told me that price was going up again.

If my memory is correct, the price of 1 case was $ 120 in 2002.
And the price is $275 now and will be up $300 in July.

The reason is simple, demand and supply. And over taken is also problem.
Unagi is farm raised item but it is not from roe.
They catch baby somewhere in the ocean and put them in net and feed.
So, the difficult part is finding school of babies.
Anyway, all of food prices are going up, never go go down.
I do not want to say buy I can see some bad future, it will come in 10-20 years.

I think this stocked unagi last 3 months. And I can save some money.

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Matt said...

yowza! i try and get beth hooked on the fatty tuna.