Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I finally got iPhone.

I have been waiting 8 months. I had a chance to upgrade in October. I went to at&t store on that day but the special promotion was over.
I did not want to pay $199 for iPhone 3 instead to pay $49. I just waited to finish my 2 years contract.
My contract was finished June 13th.

I went to Brookhaven at&t store and got this with $199.
But the protection case was $50?? I called my friend and she told me that Walmart was cheaper. So , I did not buy at at&t store and went to Walmart.
The price was $5 cheaper. But $45 was still expensive price for me.
Just think, the price of phone was $199 and the protection cover was $50.
Anyway, this Otter brand is really good.

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