Thursday, May 5, 2011

Viva Mexico! Cinco de Mayo

Yes, it is May 5th, Cinco de Mayo.

We have Grilled salmon taco, tuna tataki wasabi gucamole salsa and Smoked salmon quesadilla.

And I made special Latino Music.

The bad thing is cold weather.


Zacarías said...

I made a Cinco de Mayo infographic!

yin_vi said...

hello, i've recently found your blog and am very interested in it. i used to be a sushi chef but never did i ever come across fishes from japan like you do. would you mind telling me who provides you with fish from japan and if i can just order a couple fish from them from time to time because i love trying new fishes. i am currently a student and no longer work in the sushi industry but i love eating really good sushi. but it is hard to find a real traditional place like yours. thanks for any info that u can offer me. you can e-mail me at if you dont mind. thank you.Great restaurant by the way.

TAKA said...

Our fish privider is True World Foods.I think they are the biggest fresh fish supplier for sushi grade in the US.

yin_vi said...

so they can actually get you all those special fish from japan too?.. i never knew True World offered that much..