Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kashiwa Mochi, Pounding Rice with Sweet red bean

Let me introduce a seasonable food in Japan. Kashiwa mochi is for Boy's Day and is 5th of May. Is this the same day of Cinco De Mayo? We have girl's Day and is 3rd of March. We joke Gay's Day and is 4th of April. This is not much popular because we do not have much gay people in Japan. Even we have them, they are under ground and not like this city.
Go back to the story. Kashiwa is Daimyo Oak and see all over Japan. Oak leaves, until the sprouts grow from old leaves fall, fartility are said to be carrying a good luck.

Some places use leaves of China root.

We also have sakura mochi which is mochi with cherry leaves in Japan. This is our culture.

Mochi is meade from sweet rice. It is same cooking as regular rice and pond and make sticky.

Then, stuff braised sweetened red bean. This is called anko. An pan is bread with anko.

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