Monday, March 21, 2011

Which one is better?

Pollen season is getting into deep.
Now, you can see the yellow opllen on your car.
I hate to see this.
I take medicine every day.
It was last year. I wan on the line at Costco casher.
A lady behind me told that Kirkland Signature's allergy medicine and Zyrtec were same. And the KS's price was 1/2 of Zyrtec.
I switched from Claritin to Kirkland Singnature after this.
But Kirkland signature did not work well and I bought Claritin again.
It workd well and I was happy.
I need to buy new version every year to reduce pain.


cat said...

The Kirkland signature looks like a generic Zyrtec allergy medication. I usually take Claritin because Zyrtec doesn't work at all for me. You should try the generic CVS or Kroger Claritin. They are labeled 'loratadine'. Both work well for me and are much cheaper than Claritin.

TAKA said...

Thanks. I will try them.
KS is generic Zyrtec, it is true.