Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tamago, Japanese egg omelette

I was talking with regular customers at sushi bar.
He always orders nigiri omakase.
I gave him tamago after finish the course.
2 girls next to him asked me, "what is that?" I said it was tamago, Japanese eg omelette."
And I gave it to them. They said it was sweet. I said sugar was in it.

And I said, " It is easy to judge good sushi restaurant and bad sushi restaurant. Order tamago and eat. It is easy way to judge it. Most of sushi restaurant in the US do not make tamago any more. They just buy frozen tamago from Japan. Do not forget this taste of tamago."

I think I am right. And I think only Japanese chef can make tamago. I have used so many Asian sushi chef and they never made tamago. They did not know how to make it.

If you judge other restaurants, go to bathroom and check it. The bathroom is clean, their food is fine to eat.

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