Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fish will be gone??? Update Information

We are out of Chilean Sea bass for a while. I ordered last week. Our supplier said that they did not have any inventory and were looking for somewhere. One week passed and we did not get it.

This fish's real name is Patagonia Tooth fish. It was very popular in late of 90's. We sold a lot when I was Soto.

Then, the price went up and fresh sea bass was gone. Many restaurants owners decided to not carry because of it was in danger.

But some places are still selling like us. But I feel the ending is approaching soon. I need to take it off from the menu if I do not get in a month.

We have another story. It is salmon. The supply of salmon is very short. Our supplier told me that farm raised salmon do not grow well. There is no reason.
We buy salmon from Scotland. It is farm raised. It is easy to carry and can have all year around.
I think many people think salmon is wild caught, but 90% of salmon is farm raised.
We used to get salmon from Maine, Chile. But not any more from both places.

So what we do is buy more when we get it and freeze it. Then defrost and sell.
I try to keep frozen salmon for 1 week inventry. And I finish to sell it in 2 week term.
It is not bad if we use is quick and short term.
This is the only way to keep salmon right now.

How about tuna? I carry yellow fin tuna all the time. I used to carry big eye tuna and blue fin tuna. But they are gone for a while.
It is sad thing to not carry good tuna but there is no way to get.

The future of sushi restaurant? High end and low end only. High end buy dfish from Japan and sell it their price. Low end carry al frozen fish and sell it as customer's price like all you can eat.

It is not only fish but many food price are going up soon. And many people can not buy food in the future.

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