Monday, March 14, 2011

Fish delivery Update

I just received some information from our supplier.
Tokyo Fish Market is open but hard to get enough fish.
We cannot get any Japanese fish on Tuesday.
And some are coming on Thursday.
So, we cannot expect much.
Tohoku area is good place to catch fish.

I really worry about people live in Tokyo area. They don't have enough food to survive.
They eat cup ramen noodle 3 times a day.
Most of food is gone from the shelves at supermarkets.

And meltdown at nuclear power plant is a huge concern. This is really dangerous.
I think they cannot use this Fukushima power plant any more. And hot summer is coming soon.
About 25-30% of electric power is short right now. They use more and more in summer.
I have no idea how people survive hot summer in Tokyo.

They try to save electric power to shut down neon signs at night or other things. And we cannot do much for this.


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