Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where is the origin of our fish?

We received some information.

Tako, Octopus - Hiroshima

Anago, Sea eel - Nagasaki

Aji, Jackfish - Nagasaki

Madai, Sea bream - Yamaguchi

Seki Aji, Premium Jackfish - Ohita

Nisin, Herring - Hokkaido

Sayori, Halfbeak - Kanagawa

Mejina, Large scale Blackfish - Mie

Umazura Hagi, Filefish - Mie

Kinmedai, Splendid Alfonsino - Shizuoka

Our fish is no problem with radiation, just in case.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Masters Paint and Decor

It is coming soon.

Maters is the biggest golf event in the world.

I will be there on Monday and Sunday, maybe.

I have so many Masters Caps and display every year.

But I paint green this year.

Am I crazy? I will paint again after Masters.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Layten, a little girl with Kimono

I was really surprised with Layten's kimono. That was good matching with her.
Her mother told me that her grand mother bought for her.
Kimono? It is traditional Japanese clothing.
I thought she was half Japanese but was not.
She was 100% white American. Thank you for showing this.

Renovation Day 18

Entrance window frame is almost over. We need to change roof and ground. We wait a good day to place concrete.
Back patio is also getting better. Natural poplar wall is almost finished.
4-5 weeks more and will be finished.

As a result,,,. From Breaking News

FDA inspection was over on Thursday. But we could not get any fish.
They could send on Friday but it was too late to get it because of freshness.

FDA and our fish company talked and reached an agreement. It is important to serve fresh and safe fish to the consumers.

Our fish company report all fish origin which is where they come from.
We should not get any fish around Fukushima Daiichi Plant area.

So, it will be normal from Tuesday delivery but some fish will not be available.

I was just so sad to dump safe and valuable fish.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breaking News 2 After that~

So, the fish company pick up all Japanese fish and kept in their cooler.
That was yesterday. I called them a few times. Their answer was same, "No phone call from FDA."

That means we cannot get fresh Japanese fish for a while. How long? I have no idea.

Anyway, I decided to erase all 86 items( 86 means sold out in restaurant industry.) and made new menu.
I added katsuo (Bonito), Albacore and Nisin( Herring with roe). All of them are frozen products.
That was the only thing I could do.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Breaking News : FDA Holding

I received many fish from Japan this morning. And I received a notice from FDA 1hour later.
I have Kinme-Dai, Tako, Anago, Sayori, Nisin, Seki-Aji, Madai, Aji but cannot sell.

I have no idea when FDA release these fish.

FDA will inspect all foods from Japan. They start to inspect today.
I think many Japanese groceries are out of stock soon.

I bought extra portion of sake for preparing shortage.

FDA wants to say all foods, sake, fish from Japan are dangerous for radiation.

Any idea soomeone?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Which one is better?

Pollen season is getting into deep.
Now, you can see the yellow opllen on your car.
I hate to see this.
I take medicine every day.
It was last year. I wan on the line at Costco casher.
A lady behind me told that Kirkland Signature's allergy medicine and Zyrtec were same. And the KS's price was 1/2 of Zyrtec.
I switched from Claritin to Kirkland Singnature after this.
But Kirkland signature did not work well and I bought Claritin again.
It workd well and I was happy.
I need to buy new version every year to reduce pain.

Have you seen this before?

Have you seen this before? I just made this for the picture to show you.

What is the problem? The problem is a paper on the food.
Some chefs or servers do this for organizing.
They do when they get dishes and leave for a while.
It is east to see where this plate goes.
But the problem is this paper is not clean.
Yes, it is clean but it is not safe for for the food.
If you see this kind of things, do not eat the food.
You don't go to hospitals or don;t get sick, maybe. But it is just dirty. And the paper has so many bacteria.

Renovation Day 15

Our carpenters came back for some job.
We did not get walls yet.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Renovation Day 14

It was hot yesterday. Many customers asked us for seating patio.
But our patio was closed for renovation.
It is just started for new project.
10 feet high poles are showing something in the future.

I got glasses at front area.
They postoponed floor things next week.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Is this Tasty?: Red Grapefruit from Costco

This is the best, I love it.
meat of grapefruit and juice, not included syrup.
No question, just buy and eat, drink.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2 customers

That was yesterday.
A man ate and realized that he forgot to bring a wallet.
He wanted to leave iphone and came back.
I said, " we normally believe the people eat here. Please pay your next visit."
I did not know him at all.
He said" I will come back and pay today."
I said, " Fine. just let us know your card number on the phone. You do not need to coma back."
He left and called us 10 minutes later.
That was a good story.

It was last weekend.
A man came to drink and eat. I knew the guy, his name is C.
C used to date with L but broke up. L is dating with a new guy.
He drunk 2 glasses of beer and I gave him 1 hand roll because we closed and felt sorry for it.
He told me that he did not have a wallet and came back next day. and he asked me $40 for gas.
I said " Fine."
I gave him $40 and he never come back. It passed 5-6 days.
I do not mind $40 of lost.
He was just cheap. I thought he lost job and no money at all.
Just poor but can do something different way.

Is this tasty?: Candy from Target PB

This is honey lemon and almost same as Halls.
"This product is not manufactured or distributed by Cadbury-Adams, owner of the registered Trademark Halls"
That they say on the back.

But this is same as Halls, I believe it. And the price is cheap. And 80 candies are in it.
I do not shop at Target much, but this is great.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Please pray for Japan

One of Japanese readers sent me this.

We can donate from our cell phone.

American Red Cross text "redcross" to 90000 to make a $10 donation
World Vision text "4 japan" to 20222 for $10 for a $10 donation
Salvation Army text"japan" or "quake" to 80888 for a $10 donation
International Medical Corps text "med" to 80888 for a $10 donation

You can also contribute your mileage to relief efforts.
If you have Delta miles, go to Skywishasia page under Donate miles at Delta Web site.

Thank you very much for your generous words and prayer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Renovation Day 12

Yes, I got a wood door. They did not change it. They covered it with wood.

Fish delivery Update

I just received some information from our supplier.
Tokyo Fish Market is open but hard to get enough fish.
We cannot get any Japanese fish on Tuesday.
And some are coming on Thursday.
So, we cannot expect much.
Tohoku area is good place to catch fish.

I really worry about people live in Tokyo area. They don't have enough food to survive.
They eat cup ramen noodle 3 times a day.
Most of food is gone from the shelves at supermarkets.

And meltdown at nuclear power plant is a huge concern. This is really dangerous.
I think they cannot use this Fukushima power plant any more. And hot summer is coming soon.
About 25-30% of electric power is short right now. They use more and more in summer.
I have no idea how people survive hot summer in Tokyo.

They try to save electric power to shut down neon signs at night or other things. And we cannot do much for this.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Renovation Day 10

Our carpenters finished their job and glass company came to measure the size of glass window.
I hope they come on Monday.
And carpenters will change the roof.
I decided to renovate patio area. Money? I do not have much but need to do to compete against other restaurants.
And always be nice to our guests.

Happy Birthday, Hanna!!!

Hanna became 23 years old. Happy birthday.
She gave me a cup of sake and I gave it her again.
And a cup cake?

We are doing good!

Is this tasty?: Korean Soy Milk

I bought this soy milk at H Mart. I liked this and bought again.
I only understand English part and like "High calcium ".
Hey, ladies. You need more calcium than boys, And soy milk contains isoflavone. It is important in ladies body.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Breaking News: No Japanese fish next week.

It is because of a big earthquake, no flight so far and cannot get Japanese fish.
We normally get on Tuesday and Thursday but I do not think coming next week.
And the bad thing is many fish are coming from Tohoku, Hokkaido area. That is a big damage for fish industry.

My family live west of Japan and they are fine. Thanks.

Taka''s Weekly Newsletter Sign up

I had a problem with my MSN e-mail address last month. That was ID theft. I could take it back to me but all Tuna Club data were gone.

If you would like to get my newsletter, please send to me at

I hate to see so many ID thefts are going on everywhere.


I had almost 200 people mailing address and were gone.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tamago, Japanese egg omelette

I was talking with regular customers at sushi bar.
He always orders nigiri omakase.
I gave him tamago after finish the course.
2 girls next to him asked me, "what is that?" I said it was tamago, Japanese eg omelette."
And I gave it to them. They said it was sweet. I said sugar was in it.

And I said, " It is easy to judge good sushi restaurant and bad sushi restaurant. Order tamago and eat. It is easy way to judge it. Most of sushi restaurant in the US do not make tamago any more. They just buy frozen tamago from Japan. Do not forget this taste of tamago."

I think I am right. And I think only Japanese chef can make tamago. I have used so many Asian sushi chef and they never made tamago. They did not know how to make it.

If you judge other restaurants, go to bathroom and check it. The bathroom is clean, their food is fine to eat.

Renovation Day 9

They were working for entrance.
But they left early because of cold weather.
It will be finished in a few days.
I want to see the change of roof.

Renovation Day 8

Now, they are working for front part.
Looking good.
By the way, people love F/U tip. 192 people watch that.
Other posts are around 20-30 only.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Renovation Day 7

A week just passed.
They finished all outside window job.
It takes 2-3 days for inside.
They will start entrance area work soon.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I got a tip, F/U tip.

This was the first time to get a bad tip from a customer.
F/U tip? So what?
This is the story.
They were family of 4, husband, wife and 2-3 years old girl and baby.
They were the first customer on Friday.
They started to make a noise with chopsticks. They clap or hit glasses, table, dish. They were enjoying like musician. But the noise was too loud to hear.
Then, we got new customers and I ordered a manager to stop it.
They got mad. And Accidentally we served oh-toro under slightly frozen.
So, husband started to complained. I went to their table and explained for the oh-toro. And they asked me who was the owner. I said I was the owner. I told them to behave nice to other customers. He said he did not want to pay for oh-toro.
Of course I agreed. We always do that way, like Home Depot, Office Depot. Then, he said he never coming ask here. So, I said Please do not come back.
He paid for the rest of food and gave me F/U tip.
That's the whole story.
We do not need those kind of people at my place. We have so many nice people like you.
They are the first black list of my restaurant. If they show up in the future, I say NO. I do not say F/U.
By the way, I do not mind someone says F/U to me. And I do not care of this kind of word.
I am not native English speaker. The reason is very simple.
I see some people use chopsticks like drum sticks. This attitude is very rude in Japanese table manner. Please do not do that.
But most of people do it quietly and stop in 1-2 minutes, not like this guy. He is around 50-55 years old. How come he behaves like that.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Seabass came finally.

It took almost 2 weeks to get 2 tails of Chilean Sea bass.
Only 5 tails came to our supplier.
I cut it and drunk it with sake, miso, mirin, honey and sugar.
Sea bass is happy right now and ready to cook.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our new soy sauce dish, very nice?

I just bought new soy sauce dishes. It breaks always and need to buy.
But this time is different. How different? It is a big saving for me ans for you.

1, I can save my soy sauce. This dish is not much deep and cannot pour much soy sauce.

2, You can save your life. Less soy sauce means less sodium. You can reduce sodium in your body.

3, You can taste real sushi flavor. I feel many Americans eat soy sauce with sushi flavor. This time is different.

4, I can reduce wasabi consumption. Less soy sauce means less wasabi.

So, I appreciate you for not much soy sauce using and you appreciate me for saving your life.

Renovation Day 3

It changed a little bit.
They made window frames at entrance area.
They will finish all outside this week. And do the same thing inside of the restaurant.

Fish will be gone??? Update Information

We are out of Chilean Sea bass for a while. I ordered last week. Our supplier said that they did not have any inventory and were looking for somewhere. One week passed and we did not get it.

This fish's real name is Patagonia Tooth fish. It was very popular in late of 90's. We sold a lot when I was Soto.

Then, the price went up and fresh sea bass was gone. Many restaurants owners decided to not carry because of it was in danger.

But some places are still selling like us. But I feel the ending is approaching soon. I need to take it off from the menu if I do not get in a month.

We have another story. It is salmon. The supply of salmon is very short. Our supplier told me that farm raised salmon do not grow well. There is no reason.
We buy salmon from Scotland. It is farm raised. It is easy to carry and can have all year around.
I think many people think salmon is wild caught, but 90% of salmon is farm raised.
We used to get salmon from Maine, Chile. But not any more from both places.

So what we do is buy more when we get it and freeze it. Then defrost and sell.
I try to keep frozen salmon for 1 week inventry. And I finish to sell it in 2 week term.
It is not bad if we use is quick and short term.
This is the only way to keep salmon right now.

How about tuna? I carry yellow fin tuna all the time. I used to carry big eye tuna and blue fin tuna. But they are gone for a while.
It is sad thing to not carry good tuna but there is no way to get.

The future of sushi restaurant? High end and low end only. High end buy dfish from Japan and sell it their price. Low end carry al frozen fish and sell it as customer's price like all you can eat.

It is not only fish but many food price are going up soon. And many people can not buy food in the future.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Fish~ Nisin, Herring

You know the name of this fish. Herring fish roe is very famous.
I never had nisin as raw.
We know something cooked nisin.
I tasted this afternoon, it was delicious as Iwashi, sardine.
It is blue fish but not like iwashi or aji.
Herring has own taste.
I have 3 tail so far. Come and get it.

New Fish~ Mejina, Largescale Blackfish

I like this fish very much.
Mejina is same group of sea bream or red snapper.
It is white meat but has texture.
I highly recommend you.

Renovation Photo, Day 2

Our renovation is just started. They measured yesterday and made frames today.
We have 4 windows like this.
Check our photos everyday.