Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pollen Season is coming soon.

I am pretty much healthy. And I can eat anything I like. So, I am positively perfect. But I have bad allergy against pollen.
I would like to fly to somewhere during pollen season if possible.
Close the business for 3 months and stay on southern island.
But it is a wish, can not be true.
I am like Office Depot, taking care of your business everyday.
So, I have to start to drink this special oolong tea.
This oolong tea works for pollen allergy. Trust me, believe me, it is true.
I drink in the morning before I leave house. I drink during work.
I drink after dinner. Caffeine? Who care about this tiny thing. I do not care about caffeine.
It is 1:30am and I drink this oolong tea and I can sleep.
I am Japanese and no problem.
You can get this oolong tea at Buford Hwy Farmers Market.
Drink 2 litters(10 fl oz.) everyday. Do not worry about your color of pee. It is still mellow yellow.
And it never gotten brown.

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