Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is this tasty? : babybel,light

There are so many light food in this country. Light beer is also popular.
I just found Babybel light.
I like original but the taste is a little bit salty.
Light is better than the original.

Shima Aji, Striped Jack

I got Shima Aji yesterday. Cornet fish is no longer available and need to replace.
But I am not sure that I keep this fish or not.
I hate to see this kind of fish.
This fish is farm raised and has a lot of fat in the stomach.
It is obesity and metabolic syndrome.
They are in the cage in the ocean, and were fed by human beings.
They cannot swim fast and far.
They do not eat natural food.
I know people like fish fat. Americans like buttery fish like hamachi.
Many restaurants carry Shima Aji and all of them are farm raised.
Of course, I can get wild caught. But the price will be far high.
This farm raised Shima Aji,'s cost is almost $100. If I but wild caught, it might be $200.
So, 1 order of nigiri sushi will be $20. Do you want to buy this price?
High ends sushi restaurant charge around $300-$400 per person. They get good fish from the ocean. Most of people eat farm raised fish and happy to pay their money. But sushi is still expensive food.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Motsu, Beef stomach things

I think most of Americans do not eat these items.
You know cow has 4 stomach components.
And we eat all of them.
1st component is very tasty, we eat at Korean BBQ restaurants. The Japanese name is mino. A good mino is very expensive as steak meat.
2nd component is easy to figure out. The shape is like bee's nest.
3rd component looks really ugly, is called senmai.
It is the bottom of the picture.
And we eat pizzle. I tasted it and was OK.
I just bought for tasting.

If you go to Izakaya, Japanese pub, motsu is on the menu.
It is good and cheap, delicious. I add some vegetables and tofu. The flavor is miso.

Eat Root vegetables

We have to eat root vegetables more.
I make daikon radish, carrot, lotus root, gobo.
Kabocha squash is not root vegetable but tasty.

I sometimes make for the customer.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beef Tongue Stew

Yes, it is the middle of winter. We have to eat these kind of food.
Wait! But we are sushi and Japanese restaurant.
Who care for it? Someone needs to make a good beef tongue.
Actually, I make corned tongue in summer.
And I believe many Japanese like beef tongue. We call it Gyu-tan.
I make this is tomato sauce and red wine.
I will sell it for lunch special tomorrow.
It is fun to make slow cooked food.
Do you know someone make tongue stew in Atlanta?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mr, Geert and Mrs. Geert are leaving soon.

It is sad news. One of our regular customers are leaving soon.
They will move to Algeria in a few weeks.
Mr. Geert works for Coca Cola Co.. They just got back from Belgium for Christmas Holiday.
They have lived many countries all over the world, India, New Zealand, Korea, Morocco, US.
We are going to have their farewell party soon. All menus are on me, omakase.
They do not order most of the time. I can make whatever I want and they love my food.
I made Suzuki Carpaccio, Crispy fried Oyster, Braised mackerel with miso, Pork and vegetable bun and OX tail Udon tonight.
They do not eat sushi but enjoy my Japanese food.

2 big events are coming in February

Our 9th anniversary day is coming soon.
It is February 19th but this day is Saturday this year. So, we will have anniversary night on Sunday 20th.
It is as usual. Kirin Draft beer is 9cents, hot sake is also 9 cents, edamame is 9 cents and selected wines by bottle are 9 dollars and more.
Please make your reservation on that day. February 20th. Sunday, dinner only.
We will open the door from 5pm to 9pm.
Please send me at

Sake tasting is coming on February 27th. Sunday night.
We get 2 sake sommelier. Mr. George Kato is a instructor of Sake school of America. Mr.Toshio Ueno is certified master Sake sommelier. He came before in 2009 and had a great tasting night.
The fee is $50 with food. I am thinking the food you never had in your life. I would like to make casual Japanese foods on that day. They will answer any questions from you. You Can taste more than 10 sakes and foods on that day.
please make your reservation asap. Please send me at

Okonomiyaki, HIroshima Style

I had a party last night, and I made okonomiyaki, Hiroshima style.
I am from Hiroshima.
We serve Osaka style in the restaurant. But this Hiroshima style cannot serve. It takes time and need more space to make it.

Make flour sheet like crepe.
And add thin sliced cabbage, bean sprouts, green onion, fish powder and sliced pork belly.

Then , up side down and saute noodle beside. And move sheet on top of the noodle.
And break egg and make sheet beside. And move sheet on top of the egg sheet.
Finish and ready to eat. We use same way as Osaka style, mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce, dried seaweed.
It is yummy. Many Japanese can make Osaka style but a few people can make Hiroshima style.
I am one of them. But my sister lives in HIroshima is better than I.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Beauties of Atlanta

Lisa brought many beautiful ladies tonight. They started with appetizers, and went to sashimi and rolls.
They really enjoyed with our dishes.
Believe or not, we have so many ladies. It was the other night. We had 50 customers in the restaurant and 46 people were ladies. How nice it was!

Curry Rice

This is our Curry Rice. We have 2 versions, one is with steamed rice and another one is with fried rice.
Curry rice is national food in Japan. We have curry restaurants in Japan.
We also have it in NYC, is called 55 Curry.
Our curry is not like Indian curry, Thai curry. It is spicy, sweet, deep and tasty. You must try.
We have some American customers curry lovers.
I feel this food will be more popular in the US. It is around $10 of happiness.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We open tonight, Wednesday.

I decided to open the business tonight.

You need to be careful when you go out.

See the picture. The clear ice is real ice and cannot break. The white ice is snow mix and air inside and can break.

Do not run on the clear ice, you might slip.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I just checked everything was all right.

I went to the restaurant around 1pm. I drove Peachtree Rd. not GA 400 and I-285.
It was not bad and saw many people were walking on the street. Most of them went to supermarkets for foods.
The left picture is Piedmont rd. There was no ice on the road. But some parts were really bad. You have to drive slow ans need to be extra attention when you cross the bridge. It was full of ice on the bridge.
Clairmont rd. was closed partly. The closed part was bridge just before Peachtree Rd. Police shut down the road.
I think this bridge is the best mini ski resort.I think it is available until tomorrow.
I gave up to open the business tonight. Our parking lot was just like ice skate link.
We will be closed tomorrow lunch and open dinner hopefully.
Someone needs to make food for community.
Most of schools are closed tomorrow again. School bus driver cannot drive this kind of situation.

I have no idea for the business.

I just talled with fish supplier.
They closed today. So, there is no fish delivery.
I have some frozen fish. But this is not enough.
I might open the business tonight. But I am still thinking.
I will close tomorrow's lunch and might open dinner.
No fresh fish with sushi rertaurant?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lunch will be closed on Tuesday.

I decided to close lunch business on Tuesday.
It is still dangerous to go out on Tuesday morning.
I will try to come to the restaurant in the afternoon and try to open short hour dinner business.

This is the worst ever in my 15 years.

I came to Atlanta in 1995. This is the worst snow ever in my life.
I was born in Hiroshima, Japan. It is just like Italy, Mediterranean weather. We did not get mush snow.
I used to lived in Sapporo, Hokkaido. They had a tons of snow but they could handle. I have lived in Tokyo for 8years before I came to Atlanta. We had it sometimes. But we could use bus, train and subway.
We have to drive cars here in Atlanta.
I think I might close the business tomorrow. Tomorrow morning will be bad again.
This is Georgia, deep south.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Breaking News: We will be closed on Monday business.

Because of heavy snow storm, we will be closed Monday business.
This is the first time to close the business by bad weather.
Anyway, we have Collage foot bowl Championship on Monday night and the business will be very slow.
Let's watch the game! Aubun or Oregon?

I do not know about Tuesday business.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ramen is getting popular.

We sold so many ramen in December. We have shoyu( soy sauce flavor) and miso.
I show you a data.
September 1
October 17
November 12
December 51
What do you think? Ramen is national food in Japan. I think people eat 2-3 times a week.
And people make lines in front of ramen restaurants. And they don't mind to wait 1 hour.
We have ramen museum in Yokohama. We have ramen street in Sapporo.
It took many years to settle here in the US. It came to CA and NYC. We have Umaido, ramen restaurant in Swanee.
I am a kind of happy that American people are getting know other Japanese food.
Teriyaki chicken, udon, soba, sushi, sukiyaki, tempura are not only Japanese food.
I feel ramen will be more popular soon. And next is curry rice. We have Japanese style curry rice.
Believe or not, my curry rice is the best in Atlanta. I carry it for Japanese customers.
And I can eat it every day. I like it.

Portion Problem?

This was th eone of the order for 2 people the other day.

1 hamachi nigiri
2 hotate nigiri
1 copacabana roll
1 spider roll
1 super crunch roll
1 rainbow roll
1 icbm roll
1 spricy tuna roll
1 lobster roll

That's it. This was a couple. A guy was tall but a lady was small.
56 pieces from 7 rolls.
Do you think they have a portion problem?
I do not want to reduce our sales but this is not good for the body.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuna Auction in Tokyo

Please go to belows.
This site is fresh blue fin tuna auction. Sorry for all Japanese. But you can see You Tube.
Click blue letter as 生本マグロ競り
This movie is frozen blue fin tuna auction.
Click blue letter as 冷凍本マグロ競り
This movie is frozen big eye tuna auction.
Click blue letter as 冷凍メバチマグロ競り
This movie is cutting fresh blue fin tuna.
Click blue letter as 生本マグロ解体
the last one is cutting frozen big eye tuna.
Click blue letter as 冷凍メバチマグロ解体


Lose weight thisyear.

I think many American people try and give up every year.
And it is not only Americans, Japanese are also getting bigger and try to lose weight.

Imagine a glass to drink water. Let's say the portion is 1 cup, means about 200cc.
If you try to pour more than 1 cup, it is over flowing.
But, our stomach are different. If we eat more than 100%, our stomach can afford it. And it gets bigger for next food.
Initially, our stomach are small but it can be big when we eat tons of food and drink.
Then, the size of stomach is getting bigger.
It might be 120% from original size. But it is a new 100% capacity.
If you repeat this many times, the size will be 150% or 180%.
This means obviously over weight situation.

So, what do we have to do? Just think our stomach is a glass for water, it is not stretchable.
And the maximum capacity is always 100%.
To be honest, our body is not hungry, but we eat a lot. It is because our brains are hungry.
Most of issues come from mental things.

I told one of our customers today. He is eating good, but the portion is still too much.
80% is the best. How do we judge 80%?
If you feel that you would like to eat one more dish, that moment is 80%.
And you need to stop to eat.
It is fighting against your brain.
Hara Hachibu-me is 80% of stomach is the best means in Japanese.
Please keep it in your mind when you eat.
If you try to pour more than 100% of food in your glass, it will be break, right?
We cannot harm our body.
They are working hard. They are working during sleeping time.
Let them take some rest sometimes.
And you will be healthy.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Health inspection

We received 92 points, A score today.

It was 78 points, C score last time. And she came back in 10days.
It was a huge gain. I spent $400 for repair of ice machine bin cover.
We listened what the inspector said.

I try to clean all the places we work. I think our kitchen is clean, always. And need to maintain.

This is our new bathroom.

I finished bathroom renovation. I changed tile.
It took 4 hours to do that. I did it by myself. It was hard but fun.
The hardest part is circle. I needed to cut tile in circle.
The total cost was around $50. If I ask someone, how much?