Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wagyu Ohtoro, Premium Beef belly

Now I carry this.
This is same as tuna, stomach side of beef.
See the beautiful marble color.
It is good for sushi.

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yin_vi said...

hello, i've recently found your blog and am very interested in it. i used to be a sushi chef but never did i ever come across fishes from japan like you do. would you mind telling me who provides you with fish from japan and if i can just order a couple fish from them from time to time because i love trying new fishes. i am currently a student and no longer work in the sushi industry but i love eating really good sushi. but it is hard to find a real traditional place like yours. thanks for any info that u can offer me. you can e-mail me at if you dont mind. thank you.Great restaurant by the way.